Is Amazon Fresh Included With Prime? (Your Full Guide)

Amazon prime comes with a membership where you get a discounted membership if you buy a lot of items on Amazon.

If you’re a Prime member then you should know that Amazon’s Amazon Fresh service is one of the perks you get.

Is Amazon Fresh Included with Prime In 2022?

Prime members can get free delivery of groceries with Amazon Fresh provided their order meets the minimum threshold of $35 or $50 before tax, depending on where they live. If the order doesn’t meet this threshold, Prime members can pay a delivery fee of between $5 and $8.

You can read on to find out more about Amazon Fresh, including how it works, the details surrounding Amazon Fresh’s service, and more interesting information!

How Does Amazon Fresh Work for Prime Members?

Amazon Fresh is tied to your Prime membership, so it’s not available to non-Prime members.

As a Prime member you can order up to a certain amount of items per week and still pay the same membership fee.

It’s a online grocery service that allows you to place orders for groceries and other home essentials.

It is free shipping for orders over $35 or $50. If your order is below the minimum, you will be required to pay a delivery fee, between $5 to $8.

Amazon Fresh works through an invitation; only Prime members have access to use the service.

After doing so, Amazon says they will email you again if approved and once again if it is not approved.

You can check if Amazon’s new in-home grocery delivery service is near you, by visiting and entering your zip code in the “Deliver to” field.

Amazon uses your Prime account to sync your shopping preferences at All the items you buy at will be automatically added to the Amazon Fresh list.

How Much Is Amazon Fresh Subscription?

Prime is not a stand-alone subscription, and as we previously explained, it costs $99 per year. With that in mind, the first part of this section shows that the cost of Amazon Fresh, if you don’t have a subscription, is $99 per year.

Amazon Fresh is a service that you get for free. You can use it to order from local restaurants and have it shipped directly to your house or you can order from the restaurant.

I’d have to be crazy to be paying $139 for Amazon Prime, but I suspect that most people who are considering Prime will be willing to pay that price.

Is Amazon Fresh Free for Prime Members in the UK?

Amazon has a new service for UK customers: Amazon Fresh.

Prime members will be able to get free delivery if they spend over £40 under the Prime membership which costs £79 a year.

The service is only available in selected regions in the UK. You can find out where your postcode is by typing it into the online locator.

Do You Need a Subscription for Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Fresh is not an independent subscription and people of all ages need to have Prime to get it.

What Is the Difference Between Amazon Prime Now and Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Fresh and the Prime Now program are two separate services and the Fresh service is located at Amazon warehouses and the Prime Now service is located at stores like Whole Foods and Bristol Farms.

Amazon Fresh is only available in select regions, free with a Prime membership and offers free delivery for orders over a certain threshold.

Prime Now offers delivery of a wide range of products, such as electronics, groceries, and household items, while Amazon Fresh is primarily focused on groceries. Amazon Fresh is also available in select cities.

Amazon is expanding their service to all areas of the United States with the introduction of Prime Now, a service that delivers 2 day shipping for free with Amazon Prime.

What Do You Get with Amazon Prime?

The Prime membership comes with free two-day shipping for all Prime members and free unlimited photo storage, at no cost.

To get more information, you can read our blog posts on what is Amazon Fresh, where does Amazon Fresh come from, and what time does Amazon deliver.


If you want to try out Amazon Fresh you will need to sign up for a trial for the service in order to get access to the service. You can sign up for a trial by going to the Amazon website.

When you sign up for Amazon Prime subscription, you will be able to get free delivery on all orders, except for food. You can choose to avail the free delivery service on groceries or anything else. All you need to is to request access to Amazon Fresh.

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