Is Amazon Fresh Included In Prime? (Everything To Know…)

You’d be amazed to know that I discovered Amazon Fresh just recently! Although I am a bit late, I am here now.

It is convenient to have groceries delivered right to my door. But, is this included in my Prime membership as well? Here’s what I discovered …..

Amazon Fresh included in Prime

Amazon Fresh is now included in your Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon Fresh cost $14.99 per month before it was included in Prime. Amazon Fresh is one of many Prime perks.

Continue reading …. to find out more about Amazon Fresh or Prime.

What is Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Fresh delivers your groceries quickly and efficiently to your door. You can pick up your groceries in thousands of cities throughout the United States.

Amazon Fresh allows you to shop for groceries, household goods, and everyday products. You can also select the delivery window that works best for you and your time.

What is Amazon Fresh Worth for Prime Members?

Prime members can get Amazon Fresh completely free of charge at the moment. It used to cost an extra $14.99 for Prime subscribers, but this has been removed since 2019.

Prime members can take advantage of Amazon Fresh fast deliveries and service.

Please note that Amazon Fresh is separate from the Grocery & Gourmet Foods section of

What is the Difference Between Prime Now and Amazon Fresh?

Prime members can order food and pantry items from Amazon Fresh or Prime Now. Both offer quick grocery delivery.

Prime Now, however, offers groceries to customers from local grocery stores such as Whole Foods and others who have partnered with Prime Now. Amazon Fresh, a standalone grocery store that sells name-brand products like Kraft and Coca-Cola, is what Prime Now offers.

Amazon Fresh is completely independent of third-party grocery stores, while Prime Now is partnered with many stores to fulfill orders.

Amazon Fresh orders may be delivered the same day if they are available. Prime Now is usually more convenient as most orders can be fulfilled within one to two hours.

Prime Now orders are fulfilled by an Amazon shopper who will visit the market to pick up your order and deliver it to you. This is similar to Postmates for groceries

Prime Now may be faster, but Amazon Fresh is more accessible for customers. Amazon Fresh is available across more than 2,000 cities in the United States. Prime Now is available for purchase in approximately 75 cities.

Learn more about Amazon Fresh These posts will explain how to return Fresh totes and whether Amazon delivers on Sundays.


Amazon Fresh is included with your Amazon Prime subscription at no extra cost.

Prime members can get groceries delivered right to their homes with Amazon Fresh.

Amazon Fresh delivers grocery items faster and more efficiently to over 2,000 cities in the United States.

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