Do You Get Amazon Music With Amazon Prime? (What To Know!)

Amazon music is a music streaming platform. You can stream millions of songs, including the top playlists, and millions of podcasts. It aims to compete against other streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

You might wonder if Amazon Music is worth the cost if you are a music lover. Amazon Music Unlimited is one service, while Amazon Music Prime is two. Each service has its advantages and disadvantages.

Continue reading to learn more about the differences between Amazon Music Unlimited & Amazon Music Prime and how they compare to other streaming apps.

Amazon Prime Offers Amazon Music for Free

Amazon Music offers a limited free version, which allows users to stream music from their device without having to purchase a Prime membership. Amazon Prime members can get an upgraded Amazon Prime Music subscription for free.

Amazon Music Free is a good option if you only want to listen to a few songs on one device. If you are planning to use Amazon Prime services, you’ll get an enhanced music streaming platform as one of the perks.

Amazon Music Unlimited is Amazon Music’s most comprehensive version. It requires a monthly subscription to be used. Amazon Music Unlimited is not available with the standard Prime membership.

To put it another way, to get access to Amazon Music Unlimited, you will need a monthly subscription in addition to your Prime membership fees.

Amazon Music is it free or paid?

Amazon Music has two main services. The free version is also available. Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime offer more song options and other perks.

Amazon Music offers a free version and two paid versions. Amazon Music Prime comes with an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Music Unlimited requires a monthly subscription but is not required to have a Prime membership.

Amazon Music Free is a good option if you just want to listen to music. The music selection is limited in comparison to Amazon Music Unlimited or Amazon Prime. The free version has other limitations, such as limiting the number of devices that can simultaneously stream.

We will discuss the differences in Amazon Music subscriptions in more detail later in this article. This explanation from Amazon provides more information about Amazon Music.

What are the differences between Amazon Music Subscriptions and Other Music Subscriptions

There are many differences among the three Amazon Music Subscriptions. The most significant difference between the three Amazon Music Subscriptions is how much music they have. Other differences include the limitations of certain devices and exclusive content.

The chart below shows the differences in Amazon Music Subscriptions.

Chart courtesy

The main difference between Amazon Music Unlimited and regular Amazon Music Unlimited is that you have access to a larger music library, additional device support, and HD audio. Customers who want access to multiple devices on a single subscription can also purchase family plans from Amazon Music Unlimited.

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