Does Amazon Deliver Alcohol? (beer, Wine, Spirits)

Amazon offers a variety of different products and services, including Prime Video, Prime shipping, and grocery delivery services through Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods stores.

Amazon is so confident that they’re the best company to do a delivery for alcohol delivery, that they’ll even deliver to states that may be stricter than the rest of the country.

Does Amazon Deliver Alcohol In 2022?

How Does Amazon Alcohol Delivery Work?

Amazon Prime Now will include alcohol purchases within their delivery services. It’s currently available for customers in the states that allow alcohol deliveries, which is currently California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada.

 If  people search for “Amazon Prime Now,” the results show up on

Once the delivery option was chosen, all further action will be handled inside the Amazon Mobile app and they’ll be redirected to a confirmation page.

While in the alcohol category, customers can scroll through the alcohol products and select the ones they’d like to order.

Customers will be able to find a selection of beer, wine, cocktails and other spirits.

They can choose if they want it delivered or if they want to have it ready for pick up.

For non-Prime members, the delivery time is at least 1 hour and it has a minimum cost of ¥25. Also, alcohol delivery is free for Prime members!

Is Alcohol Delivery For Amazon Prime Members?

You need Amazon Prime to use Amazon Prime Now if you want to use it for groceries and alcohol delivery.

All shipping is free for Amazon Prime members, however for non-Prime members, they have to pay a delivery charge.

This means that anyone who plans on using the service will be further ahead to get a Prime membership or take advantage of the 30 day free trial. In general, if you are a customer who regularly purchases spirits or other items, I would recommend you take advantage of the Prime trial and see how the service works for you. The Prime trial will be over at the end of 30 days but you can easily cancel it at any time.

Where is Amazon Alcohol Delivery Offered?

Amazon delivers alcohol in some areas but only in select US cities. People are usually disappointed when they find out they don’t have to pay extra for the delivery.

Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin.

Amazon will deliver alcohol to you if you are in one of the cities below.

What will happen if I put a listing in Alaska?

The listing must be in the United States of America (United States, Canada or Mexico) or Puerto Rico (US territory) to receive alcohol delivery.

What Type of Alcoholic Drinks Does Amazon Deliver?

Amazon only carries beer and spirits such as wine, brandy, and whisky. Amazon also offers a selection of wine, liquor, and wine mixers.

Brand names include “Bose”, “Comfort” (foot-massagers and exercise machines), “Home” (categories include Home and Home Office), “Personal Audio”, “Power” (a variety of household appliances and products), “Portable Audio”, “Video”, “TV and Media”, and “Wireless Communication and Devices”.

A kind of beverage that, when consumed, allows the consumer to become intoxicated.

Wine is a beverage that is meant to be sipped, not gulped.

Rose is made with a fermentation process in which white grape juice is fermented in small wooden boxes called vats during the spring. The vats are then moved to the cellar where a process called maceration takes place. This process increases the water and sugar levels in the wine, allowing the wine to be aged properly before bottling.

Does Amazon Fresh, Amazon Go, and Whole Foods Deliver Alcohol?

Amazon Prime Now orders stock from local grocery stores when delivering. It collects some of their stock from Amazon Fresh, Amazon Go, and Whole Foods store locations when making deliveries.

For the benefit of retailers, the online retailer cannot serve as a default for the business in retail. However, the business can leverage an online presence to reach customers that are not within the physical proximity of the business.

In addition to ordering foods online, users can also order directly from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods using their own store-brand delivery services.

Therefore, you can’t buy anything over Amazon Go, because you can’t deliver anything over Amazon Go.

How Long Does Amazon Alcohol Delivery Take?

People who ordered via Amazon Go have been able to take their drink to the door and have it delivered in about an hour.

If customers do not have an Amazon Prime account, their delivery times are not estimated. The cost will be $7.99, regardless of the shipping method, and will take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.

Customers who have Amazon Prime are given priority for an hour in their order to be fulfilled. Therefore, their delivery time is expected to be one hour.

Customers may notice a slight delay in their shopping experience if they live in busy cities, while those in less busy locations may find the delivery time estimates are accurate.

Does Amazon Ask for ID When Delivering Alcohol?

When someone places an order and the customer is not there to sign for the package, Amazon sends a service person to pick up the package.

The Amazon delivery driver will take the order back to their facilities if the customer does not have their ID on hand.

It has been advised that customers are recommended to have their ID sitting near the door in order to quickly complete their transaction, in order to avoid any issues with receiving their alcoholic beverages.

To learn more about Amazon, you can read our guide on what time does Amazon deliver, what to do if Amazon delivered to the wrong address, and Amazon refund without return.

Conclusion offers a service called Amazon Prime Now, which helps users get food delivered right to their door. The service works with Whole Foods Market, Amazon Fresh, which delivers food to your doorstep, and Amazon Restaurants, which delivers food to the restaurant of your choice. Amazon offers its Prime customers free one-day and two-day shipping and streaming of movies and series along with thousands of Prime original series.

Amazon is offering free delivery for those who have an Amazon Prime account for items that you would be waiting to be delivered in the next hour, and they are offering free shipping for orders that are placed before 9AM.

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