Does Walmart Deliver Alcohol? (beer, Wine, Spirits, Delivery Price + More)

Walmart is trying to expand their delivery service options by taking it online and adding more services.

One of these days I shall buy a bottle of booze from Walmart on my way home from work, but until then I’m relying on information from third party sources.

Does Walmart Deliver Alcohol In 2022?

Walmart has said that they will begin offering home delivery of alcohol in 2022. The alcohol should be scheduled for delivery to days and times as permitted by local laws, but someone has to be home to receive the delivery. If someone is not home, a Walmart driver will knock on the door and ask the recipient to open the door. The minimum order for delivery of alcohol is $30. There is also an extra $9.95 charge per order.

You can get alcohol delivered from Walmart, and how to order, to read on for more useful information!

Can I Get Alcohol Delivered at Home From Walmart?

The Walmart grocery home delivery service will soon be adding alcohol products, including beer and wine, to the products you can order.

If you add alcohol to your order, it is typically subject to an additional shipping charge.

When you chose your delivery time, choose a one-hour time slot when you will be home to receive it.

Your local and state laws will require you to get a permit or license to transport alcohol. You will have to get permits or licenses for the type of vehicles you intend to transport the alcohol through and the date you intend to operate.

Further, you will want to make sure that there is plenty of place for the delivery person to put the package.

You must be at least 21 years of age to order and receive a delivery of alcohol from Walmart, be it by in-person cashier, by telephone, or by using to order.

How Do I Order Alcohol for Delivery at Walmart?

You can order alcoholic beverages from Walmart without any extra effort and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Walmart will not be allowing you to checkout without a shopping cart. No, seriously.

Next, you can sign in to your account and add the items you want delivered to your cart.

I had no idea what was going on until I finally called customer service. They finally admitted that you need to upgrade in order to be able to purchase the item.

You can browse the different departments, or search by item using the search box.

If you buy any beer, wine, or spirits, your order will appear under the Beverage department. You can also order all your alcohol from the Walmart app by tapping on the Delivery tab.

Once your cart is ready for checkout you have to pick a time slot for delivery. You can choose between a day and time slot.

When you pick a time slot that is between 7 am and 11 pm, the minimum amount of time you need to sign up is ten days.

I checked the rules and it doesn’t look like you can make alcohol deliveries outside the specified hours for alcohol delivery.

This includes the time the food is being cooked, it will either be delivered to you or delivered and left in front of your house.

Do I Need to Show ID for Alcohol Delivery From Walmart?

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to buy alcohol in person.
It is also illegal for anyone to transport alcohol to an individual who is under the age of 21, but this also applies to deliveries.

If you are not able to prove your age, you will not get your delivery.

How Much Does Walmart Charge to Deliver Alcohol?

To get home delivery for alcohol, you must make at least $30 on your order. You can include beer, wine, and spirits in addition to your regular grocery items.

You can also order beer from Amazon, but it’s the same price (per can).

You should also be aware that all curbside pickup orders are not guaranteed and must be made within one hour of the store opening.

But there is no charge at all to have a bag of groceries delivered to your door.

Who Delivers Alcohol for Walmart? 

Walmart uses local service providers and delivery services that use the services of their preferred carriers.

Why Would Walmart Cancel an Alcohol Delivery?

The driver hasn’t completed a delivery for the day.
Your order has a low alcohol content.
The driver has a specific alcohol delivery restriction.

To read our recent blog posts on Walmart’s alcohol policy, you can see our posts on Walmart’s alcohol policy, what time does Walmart sells alcohol, and if you can buy alcohol with a Walmart.


Walmart is partnering with wine and beer delivery companies to give customers the option to add those products to their list.

A new service called “In-Home Delivery” by Walmart, is now being used to ship alcohol to your home. You must be 18 or older to order and you must show a valid photo ID.

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