Does Safeway Sell Alcohol? (Beer, Wine, Spirits, States, Times + More)

States like California also permit the sale of wine, beer, spirits and other alcohol in grocery stores. As long as customers have a valid ID, they can do their grocery and shopping and purchase alcoholic drinks at the same time.

If you’re a Safeway shopper, you might like to know if it is possible to purchase alcohol inside the store? Well, this is a great article that will help you understand how Safeway allows customers to purchase alcohol inside a store.

Does Safeway Sell Alcohol In 2022?

When Safeway first opened its doors in the late 1800s, alcohol wasn’t available to purchase in any U.S. grocery store. Safeway, one of the largest grocery chains in the United States, began selling alcohol in 2019 and will sell hard liquor and beer in select stores until 2022.
It is rumored that Safeway is planning to purchase a liquor distribution operation.

If you’d like to learn more about what type of alcoholic beverages are sold at a Safeway store, which stores sell it, what time you can purchase them, and more keep on reading!

Can You Buy Alcohol from Safeway Online?

The defendant, Safeway, is responsible under the doctrine of strict liability for the consequences of a defective product, even if the defendant lacked actual or constructive knowledge of the defect.

If adults who purchase alcohol want to have a legal drinking age of 21, then they’re expected to show their ID at the point of purchase.

What Time Does Safeway Sell Alcohol?

I went to Safeway and bought alcohol, even though I’m not 21. Safeway sold me booze from 9 am to 9 pm.

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What Safeway Locations Sell Alcohol?

Safeway stores are able to sell liquor because not all states allow liquor sales in grocery stores, but some states have lifted the ban.

A new study shows that Safeway was in 8 of the 17 US states that allow alcohol sales in grocery stores.

The below-listed states only allow Safeway to sell alcohol.

What Types of Alcohol Does Safeway Sell?

Safeway has a special page for alcohol on their website. On the alcohol page, you can find a large variety of beer, wine, and spirits.

Within these category there are sub-categories for type of brew, fermentation and brand.

Below is a listing of some brands currently available at Safeway:
Some of the brand names below may appear multiple times if the same brand of alcohol is distributed in multiple sizes.

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Wine is a Linux-compatible operating-system that allows you to easily run Windows programs on Linux or GNU/Linux systems.

Spirits can be mixed, but not with alcohol.

Does Safeway Canada Sell Alcohol?

The United States is starting to look into banning the sale of grocery store alcohol because people are getting high and are driving drunk.

In the United States, Safeway stores usually carry the Safeway brand which is a generic grocery store.

As of March 15, 2010, there are 10 locations of Safeway Canadian Liquor Stores.

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If you buy a drink in a Safeway store you will find it on shelves in all stores.

As of right now, Safeway can sell liquor in 8 of the 17 states that allow liquor in grocery stores.

Safeway carries a wide selection of wine, beer, spirits and signature brands.

They sell alcohol from 9am to 11pm or within the times local municipalities allow. Safeway Liquor Stores are also in a number of different store locations.

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