Does Aldi Sell Alcohol? (types Sold, States, Locations, Quality + More)

No matter how much you want to stock up, it can be quite the headache to find alcohol in supermarkets. Depending on your state laws, stores may not carry the particular brand of alcohol you want.

Some liquor stores sell more than 1,000 different beers, ciders, and wine. For example, Sam’s Club offers an impressive selection of beer and a large wine section.

Does Aldi Sell Alcohol In 2022?

Aldi’s liquor stores are only found at certain locations in the U.S, but Aldi is limited by state law and local laws to sell liquor. A few of the liquor stores will be in different states, but it will vary from store to store depending on what liquor law applies to the store.

To learn the differences between different types of alcohol, and where you can find them, read on!

What Kind Of Alcohol Does Aldi Sell?

In line with the company’s no-frills image, Aldi locations often have a smaller selection of groceries than other supermarkets.


Aldi also has a few beers that are less than recognizable: their beer line is mainly for drinkers who want to get a cheap brew from a familiar name brand, or people who aren’t too interested in the details of what the brand is actually producing.

Aldi is also your one-stop shop for craft beer, wine, and spirits. They sell everything from local craft options to premium brands from all over the world.

However, sometimes, Aldi works with local/regional breweries to stock their wares on shelves and sell them at a lower markup, giving the producers and the consumers of that beer a chance to sell their product at a lower cost.


Aldi’s wine selection is better than other chain stores.

It’s easy to think of Aldi as a retailer that buys in bulk and sells it at the lowest possible cost.
But Aldi actually buy in the largest quantities available in markets in Germany and Canada and often do a lot of custom blending for customers.

Another prominent wine among their reds is the 20th anniversary of their Quarter Cut line, which was the product of the year from 2019.

Aldi also has a decent selection of white wines. Pinot and chardonnay are their most popular white wines.

You can select from the sparkling wine, rosés, sweet wines, and specialties like the petit chocolate wine.

The boxed wine is cheaper because it is much cheaper to ship wine in bulk to Aldi. Aldi’s own wine is much more expensive than the box wine version.

Hard Beverages

Aldi is making a few hard seltzer and soda drink products that are coming out this month. You can get a variety pack of 12 or get a six-pack. They’ve got Black Cherry, Grapefruit Mango, Coconut Mango, and Raspberry Mango.

The brewpub’s beer list has a good variety, and is not the typical IPAs and Pale ales that other craft breweries like.

Specialty Items

While at Aldi, you will find all the essentials you need in one place. You’ll be able to find everything from your staples like your everyday grocery items to the best of seasonal items.

The wine Advent Calendar is a great example of a marketing that is wildly successful in spite of being absolutely crazy.

How Much Is Aldi’s Alcohol?

The price of a bottle of wine or a bottle of beer is usually cheaper at Aldi than at other chains.

Aldi sells 90% of its wine for less than $10 per bottle, and their wine cellar has over 2 million bottles.

Beer-makers are already facing competition in the bottled-wine market as a growing number of states allow wine to be poured in restaurants, rather than just sold to consumers.

Does Aldi Sell Spirits?

Aldi does offer spirits, but, wait, you won’t be able to get any in the US.

Aldi’s spirits are only sold in European and Australian locations. Some of the spirits are available exclusively to their store near you.

What US States Sell Alcohol At Aldi?

They sell beer, wine, and liquor at Aldi. They are currently opening new stores across America. They have new stores every time I check, so you should check their website if you want to know what’s going on.

Some of the states have strict laws that forbid the sale or manufacture of alcoholic beverages.

A great way to find if your local Aldi has alcohol is to use the Find A Store locater which will search for stores in your area and show you the nearest one.

Where Is The Alcohol At Aldi Located?

In the United Kingdom, it is often found in the non-food section, just past the washing machines, and before the front of the store.

Don’t look for a different aisle to find the right type of chocolate, just look inside the box.

Is There A Limit To How Much Alcohol You Can Buy From Aldi?

Aldi has an unlimited amount of alcohol that you can purchase.

But if you’re looking for something a bit more specialized, Aldi has some products specifically designed to help you stay hydrated.

You can fit a lot of alcohol in your vehicle and that is what this guide is all about. You do not need a big cooler to buy a good deal on booze.

Is The Beer And Wine Good At Aldi?

Some people find each beer and wine very good, while others find the taste to be unpleasant.

Thrillist wrote an article with the help of a beer expert who gave their rating of the Aldi store beer.

The beer pours a hazy copper color and has aromas of biscuit, pear and grapefruit, with hints of white pepper.

This beer has also received a lot of attention because of the hops used – or rather, the lack thereof.

According to Wine Enthusiast, the wine is award-winning, with many accolades including Piretto Pino Grigio being named as one of the top three Italian white wines and Outlander Heritage being named as one of the top three U.S. sparkling wines.

Can You Buy Alcohol Online At Aldi?

When you buy from Instacart via your smartphone you will be asked if you’d like it delivered.

When the grocery delivery service added alcohol to its cart options in 2018, it was only available in certain states.

First, you can only order from a list of the state’s liquor stores, which we found out in the last election.

While you can use the Instacart app to find stores that offer alcohol delivery, it’s important to find one that is open to business. You have to give permission for your order to be delivered to your home, and some stores restrict deliveries at all hours and don’t allow deliveries to apartments or certain areas.

If you are picking up your order, you will have to be present when your order is delivered to the car.
It is always a good idea to arrive early to confirm both delivery and pick up procedures.

The site is a bit different from other sites because it requires you to have an ID that’s linked with your bank account. Not only that, but only a select number of people can access it.

You cannot buy alcohol with a gift card. As far as buying food with a gift card, you can buy anything at a grocery store with a gift card provided that you are willing to spend enough money to cover the cost of the gift card.
If you can buy alcohol with a gift card, it is likely that the gift card will be used to pay for the alcohol.
If you want to buy alcohol with your gift card, you are going to have to either use the gift card and return the card for a refund.


Aldi sells alcohol on some stores, Aldi stores that sell alcohol usually sell the lowest priced version of the same alcoholic beverage available, so, if you can find the wine in your state at your Aldi, you are mostly likely to get a good price.

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