Does Safeway Sell Dry Ice? (price, Locations + More)

It is useful for flash freezing foods, making ice cream, and preserving food when a refrigerator or freezer is out of commission.

Safeway offers dry ice to their customers as a way of preserving fruits and vegetables and it can be purchased at their stores. Dry ice is an inert gas and is safe to use since it simply consists of carbon dioxide.

Does Safeway Sell Dry Ice In 2022?

-In-Store: Dry ice is available in some grocery stores or you can purchase it online at a grocery retail site.
-Walmart: Dry ice is available in Walmart stores but has limited availability.
-Kroger: Dry ice is available at locations that have grocery stores.

Learn more about dry ice at Safeway.
Check out dry ice in stores near you.
Learn more about dry ice at Safeway.
Learn more about dry ice at Safeway.

How Much Does Dry Ice Cost at Safeway?

I have seen in one of their adverts that they will give you a 10% discount on your groceries when you use a 10% coupon to buy dry ice.

Customers can go to their nearest store or phone their local customer service desk if they would like to learn more about what their local Safeway charges for dry ice.

Gourmet food stores have a stock of dry ice so their customers don’t have to worry about it. If you’re looking for dry ice, you can ask a store associate to place an order.

When a dry ice delivery is done in the “On-site” category, the dry ice will be available in the “On-site” stock area of the store.

Does Every Safeway Sell Dry Ice?

It is very rare for Safeway to do a dry ice bulk buy. However, if you’re in between grocery stores and you see a bulk load of dry ice on the shelves, chances are it’s Safeway and not the company distributing the dry ice.

Because the dry ice can cause harm if used incorrectly, Safeway customers are encouraged to phone the store for instructions on how to purchase it.

Frozen food products that contain dry ice should not be removed or handled by customers.

Dry ice is usually available in the customer service office of grocery stores.

Can I Buy Dry Ice Through Safeway Delivery and Instacart?

The dry ice is not generally available on However, the dry ice is available through most grocery stores through Instacart.

When safeway makes a special request call us or call ahead of time and ask for the pizza and the delivery.

They might be able to order a new one from the manufacturer.

I am not sure whether or not the Safeway frozen food products are dry ice as I don’t remember having ever used them.

Reddy Ice can be bought on Amazon for only $3.49 per bag and can be ordered through Amazon and Safeway Delivery.

Which Other Grocery Stores Sell Dry Ice?

There are many other places that are good to buy dry ice including grocery stores such as Kroger, Walmart, and many Costco locations.

If customers intend to purchase dry ice, it’s recommended they phone in advance, as it may not be in stock at the time of their visit.

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The ice will be available on the shelf right next to the milk. There is no need to request it specially.

– You will not be able to buy dry ice in bulk. You can however buy ice/dry ice in bulk from online companies or at the big box store. Some of the ice purchased online is not safe for drinking, but it is fine for storage as long as you follow all of the advice on the box.

Customers can request the dry ice from the customer service desk at Safeway.

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