Can You Use A Safeway Gift Card For Gas, Alcohol & Other Stores?

Safeway offers many departments in their stores. They also have a bakery, a pharmacy, a flower department, catering, and more. If you’re looking for the right gift for any occasion, you can find just the right thing at Safeway.

Yes, you can use your Safeway Card at the Safeway gas stations at the malls. It is also possible to pay for fuel with it.

If you’re a customer of Safeway, you could be at greater risk for a data breach. This is the time to be on your guard.

Can You Use a Safeway Gift Card For Gas In 2022?

Some Safeway gas stations do not allow consumers to use Safeway gift cards at the gas pumps.
However, some Safeway gas stations allow the use of Safeway gift cards at the gas pumps.

If you’d like to learn more about the use of the Safeway Gift Card, continue reading through this section for more helpful information.

Can I Use My Safeway Gift Card At Other Stores?

Customers should be aware that the Tom Thumb store locations in California are not associated with Safeway and therefore will not accept Safeway Gift Cards as valid tender.

Can I Buy Alcohol With My Safeway Gift Card?

Safeway has issued gift cards that can be used to buy alcohol at all stores that sell it.

Customers are urged to ensure they have a valid ID with them while making the purchase, since Safeway will only sell alcohol to customers who are of legal drinking age in their province.

While the Canadian Safeway stores do carry alcoholic beverages, they are only sold at Sam’s Club. Most American Safeway stores do not have Sam’s Club locations.

Can I Use A Safeway Gift Card At The Starbucks Kiosk?

But the Starbucks kiosk in Safeway does not sell any of the products sold in the Safeway stores.

You have to save money in the stores to earn the bonuses… but you can still get free Starbucks Rewards, or Safeway Just For U Rewards using these bonus strategies.

Customers can go to an Apple Store to buy or service their device.

The Canada Safeway had the Just For U rewards program when it was Safeway, but Safeway Canada doesn’t have it.

The Starbucks app is still supported on the Starbucks kiosk. You can also still earn Rewards.

Can I Use A Safeway Gift Card From The US In A Canadian Store?

Safeway gift cards are accepted at all stores in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

You can still use your saved Safeway gift card that has a USD balance if you travel to a Canadian Safeway and can exchange your US dollars for Canadian dollars.

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We are happy to announce the Starbucks kiosk is now taking gift cards! Please bring your card and sign in to redeem your gift card. If you have any additional questions, please give us a call at 1-800-321-2995.

The Safeway Rewards members that have had their gift cards sold in a sale will be able to use their Safeway Gift Cards to purchase gift cards at any store location.

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