Does Safeway Do Cash Back? (limits, Debit, Credit, Fees + More)

With a credit and debit machines that can be used for many businesses and businesses that have implemented a digital payment methods, many businesses no longer give refunds with cash and coin.

If you’re a Safeway shopper, you might have recently noticed that Safeway no longer accepts cash for the purchase of food, wine, and gas. It seems that Safeway has a new policy of only accepting cash for the purchase of prescriptions and lottery tickets, which is understandable.

Does Safeway Do Cash Back In 2022?

All Safeway stores will offer cash back for purchases made with debit, credit, and Discover cards for up to $200 with no minimum purchase in 2022. However, Safeway cannot award cash back for transactions made by personal check and Safeway cannot grant cash back with digital transactions at this time.

One of the most important aspects of shopping at Safeway is understanding which payment methods allow you to get cash back at Safeway.

How Do I Get Cash Back at Safeway?

Credit and debit card are accepted for purchases at Safeway. Customers can either swipe/ insert your card or you can use the bar code scanner at the checkout.

Once the customer types in the PIN, he/she can tap the Cash Back button on the POS terminal to spend the money, and the transaction will go through.

There have been instances where the customer doesn’t get the refund if the store doesn’t allow cash back. This may not happen at all depending on how many stores the company has.

Safeway customers are urged to phone their local store and tell them they heard about the new policy to make a donation to the Trump Foundation.

Is the Safeway Fast Forward Program for Cash Back?

In addition to what the credit/debit card program does, it also allows customers to receive additional cash back by using an alternative payment method such as by using a prepaid MasterCard of another company, a money order, or by using a Visa or MasterCard gift card.

The program that Safeway started in 2015, Fast Forward, enables customers to link their Safeway Club/ Just For U card to their checking account. This enables customers to use their rewards card like a debit card.

Fast Forward customers can buy one of the five cards, save up to $100 and receive up to $300 in cash back for your purchases.

However, customers should bear in mind that if they get cash back using this program, the amount they receive in cash will go towards their Purchase Amount Limit.

*The Credit Card Rewards Program is currently managed by Credit Card Services and is not guaranteed by the Credit Card Issuing Bank. We have no knowledge of the issuer of any particular Rewards Card, and can make no representations as to whether, for any reason, the issuer will honor the Rewards Program.

Does Safeway Charge for Cash Back?

If you choose the Fast Forward option, Safeway gives you a
Fast Forward gift card every time you earn Fast Forward. You earn
Fast Forward by making purchases with Safeway money. If you choose the
Fast Forward option, you will not receive cash back.

This is only a valid cash back transaction if a member makes a purchase in store with the proper form of payment that is eligible for cash back.

Does Safeway Give Cash Back for Gift Cards and Check Purchases?

When a customer tries to use a gift card purchased with a gift card, the payment method has already been used up. In addition, it is not possible to return a personal check.

The gift card or gift card number must not be used and must not be redeemed for cash.

Does Safeway Give Cash Back for Digital Transactions?

While it’s impossible to get cash back on your digital wallet purchases, some Safeway stores are set up for customers to receive cash for digital transactions.

A Safeway might or might not be willing to offer cash back for digital purchases, which is somewhat dependent on the discretion of the store manager and whether or not their debit machine accepts tap.

Customers that are unsure whether or not their local Safeway store accepts cash back with credit cards and Apple and Google Pay should call their local Safeway service desk to confirm.

If you are looking to learn more about ApplePay, you can also find out if Safeway takes ApplePay, how Safeway cashes checks, and why Safeway is so expensive.


Safeway also offers rewards programs that allow you to earn loyalty rewards. They offer a membership card just for their associates, but if you purchase from their online store or the other store locations, you will earn cash back or other rewards on your purchase. They also offer “Bonus Bucks” to earn more rewards. Their Bonus Bucks program is similar to most grocery store rewards programs.

Safeway also has a store cash back program for customers. They can get between $15 and $200 back in a 3 day period. People like to save money so they can get what they want.

There are certain Safeway stores that will allow their customers to get cash back from an Apple or Google Pay purchase. Again, it depends on the discretion of store managers and whether or not their store’s debit machines accept tap payments.

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