Can You Buy Gift Cards With Kohl’s Charge Cards? (full Guide)

There is a lot of competition in the market for the loyalty program, in-store credit cards, and other forms of store credit.

So, if you’re buying cards, make sure to ask the manager of the store for more information about the program.

If you own a Kohl’s Charge Card, you’re probably wondering if you can take advantage of the Kohl’s Charge Card to purchase a gift card using their program. Let’s see if you can!

Can You Buy Gift Cards With Kohl’s Charge Cards In 2022?

In 2022, Kohl’s is set to allow customers to use their Kohl’s Charge Card to purchase gift cards as well as third-party gift cards. Both Kohl’s brand and third-party gift cards can be purchased with a Charge Card both in Kohl’s locations and online. Third-party gift cards cannot be purchased online with a Kohl’s Charge Card.

If you’re interested in learning more about if promotional offers can be combined with gift cards, if customers can earn Kohl’s Cash by purchasing a gift card with a Charge Card, and so on, continue reading through this article.

Can You Earn Kohl’s Cash When Buying Gift Cards With a Kohl’s Card?

The Kohls’s card isn’t as popular as the Citi Prestige because of the fact that Kohl’s Cash is not valid on it.

Gift cards are not considered as Kohl’s merchandise as they can be redeemed only in store. You do not earn any Kohl’s Cash when using Gift cards.

But, people who spend the Kohl’s Cash bonus with a Kohl’s Card will qualify for Kohl’s Cash.

If someone tells you that they spent $200 in Kohl’s Cash and $100 in Kohl’s Cash on Kohl’s cards, you don’t know that they spent $300 in Kohl’s Cash.

Can You Earn Yes2You Points When Buying Gift Cards With a Kohl’s Card?

While the Kohl’s Rewards program cannot be used for buying a gift card, it can be used for buying other merchandise. You can also earn rewards for buying other merchandise.

If you purchase products from Kohl’s through a cash back or rebates program, there will not be any rewards added to your Kohl’s Card, as Kohl’s Rewards are only available for purchases made in-store, on the Kohl’s mobile app, or at the Kohl’s web site.

And, customers who make Kohl’s online purchases with a Kohl’s Gift Card will not be able to qualify for the Yes2You cash card rewards, but will qualify for Kohl’s Cash.

Which Gift Cards Can I Purchase With a Kohl’s Card?

You can use any gift card obtained through Kohl’s website or via any of the Kohl’s stores to purchase any item from the Kohl’s website.

This would only include holiday cards and special occasion cards that are bought as gifts not purchased by the original owner.

It is also possible to purchase Kohl’s gift cards online without shipping the card to a local store.

Kohl’s sells the gift cards with a face value of $10, $20, $25, $50, and $100, all of which can be purchased with a Kohl’s Card.

As a result, the Charge Card cannot be applied to other gift cards.

In the event you receive an invalid or unauthorized code, you can contact Kohl’s or request a replacement code. If you request a replacement code, you must receive the replacement code by an authorized employee of Kohl’s.

Can Promos and Discounts be Applied to Gift Cards Through Kohl’s Cards?

If you have a Kohl’s Credit Card or Kohl’s Card, our system will automatically apply sales and promotions to your purchases.

According to the company’s website, Kohl’s exclusion policy, as of 2015, does not apply to gift cards or gift certificates.

Furthermore, the customer will be able to take advantage of the same promotions and discounts that Kohl’s will have on offer on all of its sales, as the gift card will be accepted in all of the stores.

If you are buying $10 worth of items, you’re going to have to write a check, use cash, use debit card, or use an Amazon gift card. Also note that the checkout limit for the Kohl’s app is $50 on a daily basis. If you’re buying more than $50, you’ll have to use the website.


If Kohl’s customers want to purchase gift cards that can be used in-store, they need to get cards that are listed under the store’s name, and not the name of a merchant. For example, if the customer wants to buy a gift card for Kohl’s, they can choose between the In-Store Gift Cards for Kohl’s and the Kohl’s Department Store Gift Cards.

Rewards earned on purchases with a Kohl’s Card are not associated with gift cards. If a customer purchases a Kohl’s Card and the Kohl’s rewards card is linked to a gift card, the customer will only receive rewards from the gift card. The rewards are not associated with the customer’s Kohl’s Card.

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