What Was Amazon Local? (history, Why It Failed + More)

Amazon is a store that sells a lot of things, and the most important thing is eCommerce. In addition, Amazon also provides online streaming and book rentals as another way to diversify its business.

As you probably know, Amazon Local used to let you find local stores, restaurants, and other businesses using your Amazon account. Since it’s discontinued, you will no longer be able to use this feature. You can, however, still use other similar features. More information about other services similar to Amazon Local can be found at this link.

What Was Amazon Local?

After the Amazon Local service failed, Amazon launched Amazon Local in 2016 to provide personalized local deals to customers in an effort to catch the growing industry fire. After four years of operating, Amazon Local permanently shuttered its service on January 11, 2020.

This post will help you understand the Amazon Local failure. I have looked into everything you need to know! Amazon Local was Amazon’s way of selling physical goods to customers in their own local neighbourhoods.

When Did Amazon Launch Amazon Local?

Amazon Local is designed to give businesses a way to localize your Amazon storefront and mobile apps so that customers can find your products and order them faster.

What Company Did Amazon Local Partner With?

Amazon was able to be successful by buying LivingSocial and using them as a tool to help spread the Amazon Local business model and infrastructure across the United States.

As of this post, LivingSocial is gone. I think this is because it was a direct competitor of Amazon Local.

Why Did Amazon Local Fail?

There are many reasons why Amazon Local failed and was forced to shut down, but to be quite honest, the most obvious reason was that the service was not making enough of a profit to stay open.

The e-commerce giant also had to stop its other businesses such as its mobile app and grocery business to focus on the new business of Amazon Local.

LivingSocial was losing millions of dollars per month. Groupon was losing more than $1 million dollars every day. Amazon Local was closing as a business.

 So the daily deals business wasn’t as profitable as it was used to be, and so the industry was starting to lose steam.

Also, Amazon offered a Deal of the Day, Gold Box Deals, or a Kindle Daily Deal every day and every time a new book came out.

Amazon is telling people they shouldn’t expect to get any more savings on their Amazon purchases.

Did Amazon Local’s Failure Come As A Surprise?

While some people might say, that it was sad to find that Amazon Local failed, I find it to be a good thing. It was probably a good thing for Amazon because it made them realize that there is a demand for daily deals.

Both Groupon and LivingSocial were faced with the harsh reality that they weren’t making as much money as they thought they would.

Not the whole company, but Groupon decided to shift away from daily deals.

Amazon learned from the project that they should stick to the product they are good at and not try to be better at all the things.

When Did Amazon Shut Down Amazon Local?

Amazon Local was shut down on December 18, 2015. Any deals purchased before the closure will still be able to be viewed after the company shut down.

Where Was Amazon Local Available?

Amazon Local was the company’s attempt to bring its shopping services to smaller markets. Since the local shopping app was available in so few markets, the company probably didn’t lose too much money by shutting it down.

How Much Did Amazon Local’s Failure Impact The Company?

Amazon is one of the most profitable companies in the world, and Amazon Local closing down had no impact on Amazon’s business.

Also, the company has expanded its business by investing in new ventures in order to generate revenues not only from eCommerce but through new ventures. Furthermore, the company has tried to make itself more friendly by providing services that people like to use, which include Amazon Local.

Are Amazon Local And Amazon Local Selling The Same Thing?

Amazon Local is a service they have introduced recently. Its use is more prevalent in countries like China, where there are many small sellers.
Amazon Local is a small-business-focused program from Amazon, and it’s the result of Amazon’s effort to improve customers’ experiences when they shop on Amazon.
Amazon Local is a program that lets sellers offer their customers special discounts and offers through Amazon’s local storefronts.

Amazon Local Selling has a lot of benefits for small businesses that are selling products on the platform.

We want to focus on getting users to come back to Amazon for more than just a few minutes and create a habit.

What Is Amazon Local Selling?

Amazon Local Selling offers small businesses tools for local delivery services, like tracking customer orders, so that they can get orders faster and more easily.

Local Selling is what Amazon offers to companies whose products are shipped to people who live within a 25-mile radius around warehouses or physical retail stores.

– Orders placed and paid for via the Pch Support website will be processed by Pch Support.
– Orders placed and paid for via phone will be processed by the seller.
– Orders placed and paid for via Pch Support but without BOPIS will be processed by the seller.

Note that the seller will continue to have access to your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy.

Amazon Local Selling provides information on the estimated delivery times and availability of your products, so that you can increase sales.

How Does Amazon Local Selling Work?

Small business owners will need to fill out an application to use Amazon Local Selling.

The Amazon team reaches out to the business and they agree to the offer, as long as Amazon allows them to get their orders shipped from the U.S.

Home delivery or in-store pick-up is fulfilled when the company delivers the items in the customer’s address.

And it was the Local Selling technologies that help the customer be able to receive an email or text message about an order or a delivery.

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The service was targeted at a customers’ specific location. It was a platform for local merchants to promote their services in their specific area.

However, the daily deals industry was not in a state that could be saved, and so Amazon decided to stop the service rather than keep operating on a losing basis.

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