What Is My Amazon Account Number? (step-by-step + Other Faqs)

You might not know where to look to find your Amazon account number if you have an account with Amazon Web Services.

 Now, if you ever have to log into your Amazon account on their website, it appears as if you have to go through numerous steps and fill out a bunch of information.  Not only does this take a few minutes, but it also appears that the information you would need to enter is more than you normally need to do, simply because there are so many fields and boxes available.

What Is My Amazon Account Number In 2022?

The account number is the only account number that can be used to access Amazon Web Services. You can only access your AWS account, not your account number, from a web browser. If you want to try it out, this link will take you to the Amazon Web Services page.

When you use Amazon Payments, it’s important to have a good understanding of the various elements involved when buying online. We know that you can use your Amazon Payments account to make purchases, but it’s equally important to know how to use it in the right way. So, here are some important facts you need to know.

How Can I Find My Amazon Web Services Account Number?

To find your AWS account number, you just have to follow these steps: Go into your Amazon account settings and then scroll down to the “AWS account” section. You can also search for your account number by using your browser’s search bar.

How Do I Create an Amazon Web Services Account?

If you have an Amazon account, you can use the AWS website with the account number. You can also create an account here with your Amazon account.

As the name suggests, this is a program that allows you to download apps for free or at a reduced price. This app is compatible with Android 2.1 and up.

If you need specific instructions for account creation, you can look at the Sign Up Instructions page, which goes through each step with a picture.

What Is My Amazon Seller Account Number?

From your Seller Central account, select the Selling > Seller Account page.
Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the seller account number.

How Long Is an Amazon Account Number?

The account number in the Amazon Associates Program is required to be 12 characters long and only contains numbers from 0-9, so it’s easy to find it if you’re looking for it at the top of the page.

Do All Amazon Sellers Have an Account Number?

All your sellers will have the same Amazon account number. You will use your Amazon seller account number from the Seller Central. This is the same number you can use to login to the seller central.

However, you’ll have to create an Amazon seller account first before you can generate a Amazon account number.

What Is My Amazon Prime Account Number?

You won’t need a special account number for Amazon Prime since it is a service used to get free two-day delivery from Amazon on all eligible items.
If you have an Amazon Prime account, here’s what you should know about your Amazon Prime benefits once you purchase a Prime membership.

Therefore, you can simply log into Amazon Prime with your registered email address and password, or if you want to create your own Amazon account, you can do so in a few minutes.

Is Amazon the Same as AWS?

Amazon Web Services is different from regular Amazon. This is because AWS is a third party service, that allows you to scale your website and grow when you need to.

In addition, AWS is owned by Amazon, and is known for providing cloud computing services and APIs.

Amazon Web Services allows governments, individuals, and businesses to use the internet with as little cost as possible.

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If you’re not an Amazon seller and you’re not signed up to use Amazon Web Services, you can’t get your Amazon account number using your email address.

We suggest that sellers go through the process of getting their account number and then use it within the “Make a Payment” section within Seller Central.

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