How To Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial (step-by-step Guide)

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service to Amazon customers that allows them to have fast delivery, discounts, and thousands of movies and books.

If you’re not sure whether you want to keep your membership for longer and you’re wanting to cancel it, you can do so through the app on your phone or tablet or even through your Amazon website.

How To Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial In 2022?

You can cancel Amazon Prime to save money each month, or you can subscribe to the service full price and cancel later to save money. To cancel your membership, log in to your Amazon account and select the Prime Membership option. Under Membership Management, you can cancel the benefits of your membership.

If you want to know more about canceling your Amazon Prime subscription, including the step-by-step process and how to avoid getting charged, check out the rest of this guide.

When Does Amazon Charge For Prime?

If you decide to pay, Amazon offers different price plans for different levels of usage. You can get as many as 50,000 books on Prime for $79.99/year. Alternatively, you can sign up to get free two-day shipping for only a few dollars/month.

You need to sign up before the free trial expires, otherwise you’ll be charged a monthly fee.

You can still use the app even after cancelling the plan as long as you’re using it within the trial period.

All you have to do is cancel before the trial is over, and effectively enjoy a free month of Prime without having to sign up for the full year.

Can You Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial Before It Ends?

Amazon Prime customers sometimes don’t buy enough stuff from Amazon to justify the monthly shipping charge for Prime Now deliveries.

No matter what your reason for canceling Amazon Prime, you can cancel the membership at any time. You will still have access to Prime benefits for the rest of your free trial, but you can cancel at any time.

Once you cancel a free trial of Amazon Prime, the service will be updated and reflect the cancelation as your account lists the date the benefits expire.

People who try and cancel their Amazon prime trial are usually charged in their credit card as soon as the trial is up, but if you cancel up to the last day, your credit card will not be charged. You will still have the trial to watch shows that you want to watch.

What Are The Steps To Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial?

If you decide to cancel your free Amazon Prime membership, all you have to do is log into your Amazon account and follow these steps:


If you’ve been a Prime member for a while now, you may have noticed that Amazon would occasionally throw up a message saying that they wanted to continue to renew your subscription, but they’ll be cancelling it sometime in the near future.
Well, Amazon has done just that. Starting on January 7, 2019, if you have a paid Prime subscription, you will be charged $10.99 per month, not the previous price of $119.99.

So make sure you start on the first page of the cancellation policy and click on the cancel button, so you can be sure that it won’t be counted as a cancellation.

I’ve used the Amazon app for years to make purchases and I’m not really sure if the differences in the application is important. It appears a lot of people are downloading the app and there are some different functionality features so this is the only way to go.

To find out more about Amazon Prime, you can also see our post on how many devices can use Amazon Prime, renting movies on Amazon Prime, and if Amazon Prime video is 4k.

So, all of the above is paraphrased and written in a friendly manner to help you understand what the answer is. This shows you how the answer is written.


Signing up for a free Amazon Prime trial is a great chance to explore all the things this popular subscription program has to offer.

However, should you not want to end up paying $12.99/month for Amazon Prime, then you need to cancel your membership before the trial for it is up and you will need to start paying.

You can start an Amazon Prime free trial, and cancel the free trial, to avoid paying for the service. You just need to log into your Amazon account and then pull up the Prime Membership Management option.

You’ll need to confirm twice by typing in your member-id and password. This can be done either on the Prime section of your Amazon account page or on the Prime section in the Alexa app.

Amazon will ask you to confirm that you want to cancel your membership, or if you’d like a reminder before the trial expires. At the end of the trial period, you’ll be asked to agree to a cancellation.

You can find a list of all your canceled subscriptions, with links to your Amazon account, on the Account Activity page.

If you are not a Prime member, you will not be charged a monthly service subscription fee and you will keep the benefits that are associated with the Prime membership for 30 days.
If you decide to extend your membership after the 30 days expires, you will be charged the monthly subscription fee.
You can only extend your subscription with one of these two options, not both.

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