What Is Twitch Prime? (how It Works, Benefits + More)

Amazon Prime members with a Twitch account can now watch on-demand games and view exclusive content from the service without having to pay for it in any way.

In-game content are the best! A bunch of skins, emotes, and other content that you unlock after playing Prime games for your Twitch Prime subscription. It’s like a bonus that you get every month.
But I love the Twitch Prime! Now you can watch Twitch streams on your browser AND on your TV. When you install Prime on your TV, you can stream your favorite games and even enjoy Twitch Prime on the big screen.

What Is Twitch Prime In 2022?

If you’re looking to understand Twitch Prime, take a look at my complete guide!

What Are The Benefits Of Having Twitch Prime?

If you already have an Amazon Prime membership but are not using it’s Twitch Prime subscription then you’re missing out. Twitch Prime includes a bunch of free games and other incentives.

The above are perks for subscribing to a channel. You also get a badge for your avatar, which is just an extra image next to your name in the chat.

Members get even more free games on Prime Day.

[Disclaimer]: Prime Day is your opportunity to save on the best of the best.
[Disclaimer]: Prime Day is your opportunity to save on the best of the best.

[Disclaimer]: Prime Day is your opportunity to save on the best of the best.
[Disclaimer]: Prime Day is your opportunity to save on the best of the best.

How Do I Set Up Twitch Prime?

Once you have linked your Twitch.tv and your Amazon Prime accounts, you can gain access to your Free Twitch Prime membership.

Amazon is now a platform where you can purchase any of your favorite games and other entertainment.

Once you’ve logged in to Amazon, click the “Sign In” button in the top right corner and enter your Amazon account information.

From now on, all your games will be stored on your Twitch profile, so you need to make sure you have access to your Twitch account.

when you hear this message, click on it to log in to your Twitch account.

I can confirm that I have a Twitch Prime subscription and I want to link my account to YouTube, so I’ll go to Twitch and click on the big “Add to your account” button.

How Do I Use Twitch Prime To Subscribe To Streamers?

The one thing you should definitely consider subscribing to is the Twitch channel. If it’s not already, sign up for Twitch Prime. The free monthly channel subscription can come in extremely handy for streamers and content creators.

If it’s the first time you have subscribed to a streamer using Twitch Prime, Twitch will ask you if you would like to use your free monthly subscription for the selected streamer.

If you want to, you can subscribe to that streamer for one month, at no charge.

Once your trial expires, you will need to make another payment (either to keep your subscription or renew it) to keep your access to our great community and our amazing community stream.

If you want to cancel your subscription at any time, your subscription will be cancelled on the last day of the month, and you will no longer automatically get any new free issues.

When you click “Subscribe”, you can also change the frequency of your subscription from “monthly” to “yearly”.

To unsubscribe from a channel, you can go to your subscriptions page and locate the channel you wish to cancel, and click the cog in the upper right-hand corner.

After that, the current subscription will be terminated and will not be renewed.

Does Twitch Prime Remove Ads?

There are no benefits for subscribers because the removal of ads from Twitch Prime will result in fewer revenues.

This change makes it impossible for Twitch Prime members to live stream without paying at least $4.99 per month for the ad-free Twitch experience, which many people were upset over.

Twitch says that allowing for ads would benefit the streamers more than allowing them to make money from their stream.

If you want to have an ad-free experience, you can choose between either Amazon Prime or PlayStation Plus. Of course, there’s also the free Twitch Prime.

The first thing you can do is subscribe to a $8.99 per month Turbo Twitch subscription. In addition to offering an ad-free experience, this subscription includes expanded emoticon options, custom chat username colors, and a Turbo chat badge.

The second option is to use ad blocking software for websites and to only use websites that are not using ad-blocks.

Is Twitch Prime Really Free?

You can use the free trial to watch as much as Twitch wants. However, if you miss too many days, you’ll get a bill.

If you don’t have Prime or are on a free trial, you can sign up for Twitch Prime to gain access to free games and other benefits.

Do Streamers Get Money From Twitch Prime?

You can’t get free subscriptions if you’re not linking your Twitch accounts. Also, you only get one free Twitch channel subscription per month.

Affiliates will get $2.50 for each subscriber, so they will be paid every month if you have enough subscribers.

And remember that the Amazon Prime subscription doesn’t cost you extra money. Rather, it’s included as part of your benefits.

How Do I End My Twitch Prime Membership?

There are a lot more of you that are subscribers to Amazon Prime than there is actually a service called Twitch Prime.

For those unfamiliar, Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that provides you with free two-day shipping on over 10 million items.

There’s also another option if you want to keep your Twitch account but not use the Prime service.

Prime Video can be used without any restrictions like Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music and Prime Reading.

This will unlink your account and allow it to be linked to a new account.

Will Twitch Prime Charge Me After A Free Trial?

Twitch is going to charge you for subscription fees if you don’t cancel the free trial. To avoid being charged you should cancel the free trial before it ends.

If you don’t cancel the trial and the service is not installed by the time your trial ends, your service will be automatically activated for a month.

And you will keep enjoying new games every month for the duration of your subscription.

If you stop using the service after the trial is over, you can still continue using all the features until the end of the billing period.

Where Is Twitch Prime Available?

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway (Nordic), Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and United States.

You also get 200+ countries and territories when you have an Amazon Prime membership.

As long as you connect to the VPN server in the country where you’ve seen the Twitch Prime icon, you can get the free stuff. (For example, if you’re trying to access the service via a USA-based VPN, you could access Twitch Prime through a China-based VPN.

If you are looking to learn more, you can also read our post about whether or not Amazon owns Twitch, what is Twitch, which Amazon Prime is the fastest, whether or not you can use your Amazon Prime account on Twitch for free.


Twitch is a platform where people can watch and play video games live, and if you have an Amazon Prime account you can connect the two and start watching Twitch streams.

In addition to the month-to-month channel subscription, you will also get access to exclusive badges, outfits, and free games.

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