What Is Cvs Carepass? (is It Worth Getting One + Other Faqs)

The company has several options for its clients to save money on necessities, making it one of the most competitive healthcare experts.

One of the rewards they offer is a CVS CarePass that gives you credits for spending in stores. But people are wondering if it’s worth the monthly membership fee. I’ve done research and here’s what I’ve found out.

What Is CVS CarePass In 2022?

CVS CarePass is a paid membership program that provides exclusive perks to CVS shoppers. Membership is $5 a month or $48 per year, and CVS shoppers will receive a $10 monthly reward, free delivery for prescriptions, and unique coupons that offer savings in-store.

CVS CarePass is a program that gives you money off of your CVS pharmacy purchases, but for me, I’m not going to use it.

Is CVS CarePass A Good Deal?

Even thought CVS CarePass is a good service there are still some limitations and you can’t use it outside the boundaries of the CVS.

CVS offers one of the best benefits of any pharmacy is the CarePass program, which gives members free prescription refills and various discounts at other stores.

CVS Pharmacy CarePass members save on prescription medications with CVS CarePass. Members also save on branded products with a 20% discount from CVS branded products.

How Much Is CVS CarePass?

A CVS CarePass can be purchased monthly or annually and CarePass is $5 a month including taxes, or $48 a year plus taxes. You can get CarePass without tax by choosing the option of the month, or the year… I’ll talk about the taxes next.

You can decide which subscription option you prefer when you sign up for the CVS CarePass program.

What Do You Get With A CVS CarePass?

The main benefits of joining the CVS CarePass are that you can get discounts on prescriptions and you could get a discount on in-store purchases.

If you go the online shopping route, you’ll save even more cash with the CVS Preferred Membership program.
You’ll get an additional 4% in savings each time you use your registered rewards card to shop, a $10.00 rebate each month, and free 1-2 day shipping.

CVS Pharmacy customers will also have 24/7 access to the pharmacist helpline in case of any queries or for help with CVS branded products.

The period for which CVS CarePass rewards will expire is once per month.

It is important to make sure that you use the same credit card to access your rewards.

How Do I Buy A CVS CarePass?

Buying a CVS CarePass online is easy. Simply go to www.CVS.com and on the home page click on the CarePass option.

Once a user is enrolled and has paid the per week charge ($34.99) he can opt to get a refill of their refillable
CVS CarePack.

What Is The Difference Between CVS CarePass And CVS ExtraCare?

CVS ExtraCare is a program where you can earn extra reward points. It includes a variety of savings and savings offers including health savings accounts. The ExtraCare program also offers customers exclusive savings and vouchers to help them save in stores.

However, just like the CVS CarePass, the CVS ExtraCare offers are monthly and have an expiry date.

If you are going to the store in the next month, check out what you’re missing by entering your email in the box above.

What Other Rewards Do CVS Offer?

With a program called ExtraCare, your local pharmacy will help you save money on prescription drugs.

CVS Beauty Club has a rewards program that you can use to earn more points and therefore more rewards. They also have a pharmacy & health rewards program that lets you earn credits for making purchases at CVS such as filling a prescription.

By using CVS coupons, you can save money in-store as you can buy items that are on sale, get free shipping, get rewards, and more.

What Can I Buy With A CVS CarePass?

To get CVS offers, you need to register for CVS’s CarePass program. You will get your first $10 reward after the first enrollment. CVS CarePass is free and the monthly rewards are valid for 365 days.

Why Is My CVS CarePass On Hold?

Your CVS CarePass may be temporarily turned off if it has been unable to charge the given payment method. CVS will contact you regarding the issue, and you may re-enable the CVS CarePass by contacting CVS.

In addition, your CVS CarePass can be terminated at any time in the future and for any reason. This includes for violation of the privileges or terms of your CVS CarePass.

If your CarePass has been terminated, you will not be able to login with your username and password and you will have to request a new username.

Can I Cancel A CVS CarePass?

You can stop making payments by calling CVS at 1-833-320-CARE, or by logging into the CVS app. You can also cancel your CVS CarePass membership online at CVS.com/CarePass/CancelPlan.

Cancel your CVS CarePass at any time. You can also cancel your plan prior to the renewal date.

Check out this thread for more information on load to Care Credit or if CVS accepts GoodRx, and if you can get a Care Credit card at CVS.


I’ve recently been purchasing a lot of products from CVS, including their CarePass program. I’ve been using it frequently for nearly two years and it’s been amazing how much I’ve saved by using the program.

CVS also provides a number of savings opportunities for customers. If you are a regular CVS shopper consider upgrading your membership to receive special offers, discounts, deals, and more.

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