Does Cvs Accept Care Credit? (your Full Guide)

CVS isn’t the only pharmacy chain that’s in the business of rewarding customers for their purchases. Other pharmacy chains are also offering rewards programs, like when a customer buys a $50 or $100 Rite Aid Plus card and gets a $10 credit.

You might be asking, what is CVS’ policy on health-specific credit cards? I did some research and found out that CVS does not accept any health-specific credit cards.

Does CVS Accept Care Credit In 2022?

Care Credit can be used for purchases at several stores including CVS, Target, and Walmart.
CareCredit will not work at CVS stores. It is an outdated program that they will stop selling. If you need to use it for prescription medicines, it will not work.

To know more about the Care Credit card, what products are eligible, and more, keep on reading.

What Is Care Credit?

The card is similar to a health card. With it, you can pay for healthcare and wellness related expenses without worrying about late fees or interest charges.

You don’t need to pay for your personal care needs upfront but you can pay off your bill in a little bit of time.

And you can also use Care Credit for health insurance deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, and much more. Additionally, you can also use Care Credit for all your medical needs.

Why Does CVS Not Accept Care Credit?

Care Credit has been accepted at CVS for ages. But now, CVS has launched its own rewards program called CarePass. You can get a CarePass card that rewards you when used to shop at CVS as well as several other retailers.

Although Care Credit can be accepted at CVS stores, it is not currently accepted. You should shop elsewhere or use a debit card if you have a Care Credit card.

Where Is Care Credit Accepted?

Though CVS pharmacy locations do not accept Care Credit, there are several other retail stores where customers can use it because it is very common in retail stores.

At the point of purchase, each patient is required to execute a document referred to as a Care Credit Patient Agreement. This document is not a legally recognized contract, and has no binding effect on the terms and conditions of the Care Credit Agreement. The Patient Agreement is simply an agreement between the patient and Care Credit, and is subject to the terms of the Care Credit Agreement.

To use Care Credit, select a plan and log in, then you can choose a doctor and see what Care Credit has available for your plan.

What Medical Services Can You Use Care Credit For?

Care Credit is designed to help you pay for procedures and treatments by allowing you to put your debt on your monthly payment plan with a lower interest rate.

Care Credit can be used for a wide variety of medical and health related services.

What Products Can You Use Care Credit For?

Besides the necessary medical procedures, customers can also use Care Credit to buy health care products and personal wellness products.

All prescription medicines, immunizations, vaccinations, and health screenings are under Care Credit’s jurisdiction.

To learn more, if you click on the title above, you’ll be able to read our post on whether or not CVS takes Apple Pay.


As of the 3rd of January, 2018, Care Credit is not accepted at any CVS locations. Care Credit is becoming widely used and is supported by thousands of health and wellness services.

Care Credit customers can shop other retailers for prescription medications and healthcare products. A full list of where Care Credit is accepted is available on the Care Credit website.

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