Does Amazon Accept Care Credit? (try This Instead)

The card is used to pay for health and wellness purchases such as hygiene products, medical supplies, infant care products and similar items.

You can use your Care Credit on if you purchased a qualifying device, subscription, or membership online through a product Amazon sells online. A qualifying item that is sold or delivered in store must have been purchased and delivered to you in-person at an store, or the item must be eligible for in-store pickup. Note that you must be at least 18 years old to use Care Credit in person.

Does Amazon Accept Care Credit In 2022?

There are a number of reasons why Amazon might not be accepting Care Credit, or other similar payment types.

One of the important points to consider when using a different form of payment is that the fees and terms are different from Care Credit.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Accept Care Credit?

However, it would be reasonable to wonder if Amazon doesn’t carry enough Care Credit products to justify the use of the Care Credit card because they don’t need a Care Credit product that has a low sales cost.

Cardholders are only allowed to use Care Credit for these things:
medicine, hygiene products, baby formula, over the counter medication and similar items. only provides a few types of products, so it may not be an essential payment method for their web site.

What Payment Can I Use on Amazon Similar to Care Credit?

While Amazon does not offer the Care Credit card as a payment method for healthcare items, they do offer the store-brand Amazon Prime Card (formerly known as Amazon Card) in the Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods stores in participating states. This card is accepted for store purchases only, and should not be used for online purchases or to pay for products in the same store.

SNAP EBT cards are loaded with the amount of SNAP benefits that have been earned. The SNAP EBT cards cannot be used to purchase anything that is not on the SNAP EBT approved list.

This is why customers who require medication, baby paraphernalia, hygiene products etc are advised to shop at stores and on websites where their Care Credit card may be used.

Where Can I Use a Care Credit Card Instead?

CVS Pharmacy
Macy’s Pharmacy

There is no requirement for Care Credit to be charged to an account. However, some retailers may require you to have an account in order to be able to use the card.

 Care Credit may not be accepted at all locations for these stores. It is your responsibility to check with the individual store for any location restrictions.

Finally, if customers are still unsure if they can use their Care Credit card at any of these stores, Care Credit recommends that they contact Care Credit at 888-226-5397 to receive clarification.

What Can I Buy With a Care Credit Card?

(A) products that are covered by the cardholder’s maintenance contract (as long as the contract is paid during the year);
(B) products that are excluded from the cardholder’s maintenance contract; and
(C) products from retail stores that are not covered by the cardholder’s maintenance contract.

 The Care Credit card owners can buy the above mentioned products as well as several other qualifying products.

However, you may still use your Care Credit card for purchases on items such as airline tickets, alcohol, cigarettes, household goods and utilities such as cable and phone.

If you want to know more about Amazon’s Payment Processing Services, you can check out our other post on whether or not Amazon accepts Afterpay, if Amazon takes Apple Pay, and also if Amazon takes American Express.


Amazon is unable to accept the Amazon Care Credit card as a valid payment method and SNAP benefits may be available for food and household supplies in their branded grocery stores in participating states.

Amazon Care Credit is designed to make it easier for customers to buy their purchases. While customers cannot use the card on, they can use the card at stores such as Walmart, Walgreens, and Sam’s Club.

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