Twitch Prime Sub Not Working (list Of Potential Fixes + Faqs)

Streamers who are having trouble using Twitch Prime Sub are encouraged to reach out to the Twitch community on our Discord server. We can help assist you in identifying any issues you may have.

Look, I’ve been researching this topic and I’ve found a lot of potential “fixes” that could have helped you. But you still need to read the link I posted in the comments. That’s the best way to solve any problem and avoid problems in the future.

Why Is My Twitch Prime Sub Not Working In 2022?

If your Twitch Prime subscription isn’t working, you should check to make sure you’re not part of a Prime Household that is inviting you to gain access to Twitch Prime. You will not be able to access Twitch if you are part of an Amazon Household and you will not be able to access Twitch if you are an Amazon customer and not a Prime customer (aka the free tier).

In fact, if your Twitch Prime sub is not working, it could be for a number of reasons including bugs and glitches with some of the more specific games on the service. This is why I highly recommend subscribing to our Twitch Prime sub if you are looking to enjoy this benefit. This will provide you with a steady flow of games from our library, as well as a lot of other benefits for a very small fee each month.

Go to your Prime account & check the status of your membership. If you are not on free trial period, there will be an alert on top-right of that page. If status is active, then go to Member Dashboard and check for the status of payment. If status is confirmed, your membership will be active.

If your Amazon Prime or Twitch Prime membership was not set to renew recently, you want to check your Amazon Prime membership status and make sure you are still a member.

Your account could go inactive for a period of time if you missed a payment or failed to update your account information.

If your Prime membership lapses then your account will deactivate. You can still watch Twitch and stream on other websites but your accounts will have a gap in the activity from the previous Twitch Prime membership.

You should know that you are a prime invitee if your name is on the list of invitees.

You probably didn’t have Twitch Prime activated on your account in the first place, but you’re now getting the Twitch Prime notification because you’re a Prime member.

If I’m not mistaken, in the past Twitch’s Prime offer never had any perks associated with it, but it is no longer the case.

You can log into your Twitch account for free using your YouTube or Facebook account.
If you have an access code, ask your parents, and maybe you can use it!
When you’re finished with your stream, you can Log Out by clicking your picture in the top right corner of your screen.

If you are experiencing problems with the Twitch Prime sub, you may have to log out of your Twitch account and back in.

If there are issues occurring at the time that prevents the client from connecting, logging out and back in can resolve that issue and get the Twitch Prime sub-working again.

1. You can upgrade to a paid Amazon Prime membership.
2. You can upgrade to a paid Amazon Prime membership.

If you have Amazon Prime free as a student member, such as a 30-day free trial or 6-month free trial of Prime, then you cannot access Twitch Prime. In order to access Twitch Prime, you must have a Prime membership.

Therefore, if you are a student, you will have to pay for Amazon Prime as a student or you will have to pay for Amazon Prime as a regular user.

Click on the country or region where you live to sign up with that country or region.

You’ll have to change your region settings on the Amazon Website and start a new account to make sure the Twitch Prime sub will work.

In case you’ve moved to a new country, you just need to re-login and re-verify your location.

You can also change your location at any time by tapping the button in the top right corner of the app.

Reboot your device once in a bit to make sure all
the services are reloaded.

The first thing to do when you notice anything wrong with your computer is to reboot it and try again.

I can confirm that I have received an e-mail telling me about the Twitch Prime sub and it is working perfectly fine.

Clear browser cookies, cache, history, and other browser settings to make web browsing faster.

You should always clear your cache before starting to subscribe to a Twitch account. Clearing the cache ensures that you have it all saved.

In the address bar, type the following: “about:cache” (without the quotes).
Select the “Manage Cache” option.
On the left hand side find the “Cache” section.
Click on the folder icon.
Click the “Clear Recent History” option.

If I have a router that’s been working fine for a year or more, and I suddenly notice an error message, it may be a sign that the router needs to have its memory cleaned out and reloaded with new settings. You can do that with a program like `Ccleaner`, which is available in the Mac App Store.

Restarting your router fixes many issues and can be helpful for troubleshooting issues.

Also, restart your router. When you start it up the next time, make sure to leave it off for a few minutes until it’s running at full capacity. Then, go to the Twitch Prime page and reload to see if it resolves any problems.

Contact Twitch Prime Customer Service

You can contact Twitch Prime Customer Service by sending an e-mail to

Note: E-mail requests to Twitch Prime customers support may be reviewed,

prior to being answered.

Twitch Prime Customer Service can assist you if you cannot get the Twitch Prime sub to work and none of the other solutions have helped to fix your problem.

11. For general question about the software, service, or website go to contact Amazon Customer Service.

If none of the above solutions have solved your problem you could contact Amazon Customer Service. This could be a different account-related issue.

How Many Free Twitch Prime Subs Do You Get?

You can only have 1 free Twitch prime subscription per month, and that subscription does not auto renew, so you must resubscribe to the channel if you want it to continue receiving the premium subscription.

To learn more about Twitch, you can also read our posts on what is Twitch Prime, Twitch notifications not working, and Twitch chat not working.

Please see for yourself.


If the Twitch Prime sub is not work, then you will have to make a payment to ensure your membership
is renewed properly.

Additionally, you can’t use Twitch Prime if you are currently on a free student Prime membership, nor can you if you’re part of an invited Amazon Household account. However, there may be browser-related issues and rebooting your device and clearing your browser cache may help.

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