Cbs All Access Not Working On Amazon Prime (List Of Potential Fixes + Faqs)

I just discovered that the CBS series All Access isn’t working on Amazon Prime. I would like to get that service working on my device.

As much as we may want things to be perfect, we have to accept that perfection doesn’t exist and that perfection lies in the eye of the beholder.

Why Is CBS All Access Not Working on Amazon Prime In 2022?

If you’re seeing issues with CBS All Access you may need to provide the proper verification. Additionally, if you’re using a VPN, you may need to disable it before you can access the content. Other fixes for this issue include clearing out the cache and restarting the website in 2022.

What I’ve done is create a post dedicated to potential fixes for CBS All Access not working on Amazon Prime. So, what if you didn’t have anything to watch, or could’t even launch the streaming service? I’ve got all of the fixes for you, so let’s get going! Read on below, to learn more about it!

What Methods Can I Use to Fix My CBS All Access Connection?

If you have already signed up for Amazon Prime, this link will let you sign in and verify that your e-mail address is in correct.

There was an issue with CBS All Access and Amazon Prime accounts, thus it seems to be working fine again if you need to get access to CBS All Access content, you need to log in with your Amazon Prime account.

In a similar method, make sure that you’ve linked your Amazon Prime account with CBS All Access before you begin trying to watch shows, or else you’ll get a content unavailable error.
The next time that you want to watch a show, you’ll need to sign into your Amazon Prime account.

2. Disable VPN is necessary to be able to receive and send emails.

Amazon Prime Video users might be able to watch certain videos on Prime Video (but only the ones that are geo-blocked).

Some popular browsers that you can use to view and play videos are Google Chrome, Firefox, Samsung Internet, Opera and Opera Mini.

Clear your cache from the browser cache and start all over.

If your browser history reveals that you’ve previously visited CBS All Access, you may need to clear your cache to try to get the website working.

When you run into issues with certain websites, try searching for different search terms on Google. You may find your answer there.

When you order from Amazon, make sure you select the Free 2 Day shipping or the Prime membership option. You will get the free stuff in two days, and the prime stuff, you get it almost immediately.

Sometimes, you may have forgotten your Amazon Prime subscription and you get a message that your subscription is going to expire.

One Prime membership can support multiple payment methods, but each one is only counted once–no matter how many different methods you have on file.

After the initial release, [AppCenter][] added a setting to disable AdBlocker while viewing articles. It makes sense, since it is in fact a free-to-use software, so that ads should not bring any harm.

If you have an ad blocker or a blocker for tracking cookies or anything like that, this could interfere with the website loading properly, so try to disable those things to see if that fixes CBS All Access on Amazon Prime.

You’ll have to be online to buy your food, get a new job, rent a car, sell your car, and many other things so be sure to be online and have access to your phone or laptop.

If you’re using Amazon Prime, you’ll want to make sure you’re always connected to the internet and be cautious as you’re streaming shows and movies because you can get canceled if you’re not connected.

It may be a good idea to restart your router if you’ve noticed that your connection is cutting in and out or that it isn’t getting much of a signal.

Make sure you’re not downloading something which will take your bandwidth away from other programs.

If you have Amazon Prime and you are not able to watch CBS All Access why not try a different ISP or move to a different location.

In most cases, this won’t solve the problem. It will help narrow down the scope of the problem, but it won’t fix the problem. You’ll need to use the tools the OS provides to find the offender.

You should restart your device because it’s been a while since it has been running out in the wild.

If you have problems getting CBS All Access TV, you can close the app completely, clear cache, cookies, and memory, and then start it again.

Once you’ve started, you can close the app, reboot your device, and start all over again.

While the app is running, you can switch between different apps and access the settings menu.

The CBS All Access app should now allow you to login and access CBS All Access content. If you are not seeing any of this, please contact us by emailing for further assistance.

9. If you disabled all third-party add-ons, make sure your browser is setup correctly.

Add-ons that are there to improve the browsing experience, may cause problems when a website doesn’t load properly.

Go to the “Account” section and “Watchlist” tab.
Scroll down and click on “My Recommendations”

You should see a list of shows that CBS wants you to watch.

The app has been updated in the App Store.

If you’re trying to watch content from the Prime Video app, you should update the app to the latest version, which could solve your problem.
The Amazon Prime Video app is a great way to watch TV shows and movies.

If you have some experience using the app, you can just select the “Update” icon to update your app and receive all the latest content.

Reload the page and check if the CBS All Access content will work now.

Do Amazon Prime Members Get Free CBS All Access?

CBS All Access is only for people who have an Amazon Prime membership. If you don’t have Prime, you get 30 days of free trial.

The streaming service has been gaining momentum over the past 6 months, as more and more people decide to subscribe to it.

How Do I Upgrade to CBS All Access on Amazon?

To get access to your CBS All Access channel, you have to go into settings and change your subscription to the CBS subscription.

Finally, you can change the “CBS All Access” to the “Commercial Free” plan and enter in your password.

If you are able to follow the steps and complete all the procedures, your Amazon account will be refunded. You can read complete details of how to get your refund on our refund tutorial.

Also, you can read some of the most crucial information on how to increase your Amazon seller rating, like the best practices for your seller account.


There are various things that can cause CBS All Access to not work on Amazon Prime, but some of the problems that people faced include clearing the cache, restarting the device, disabling your VPN, and updating the app.

In addition, a patch is needed to fix the security issue mentioned above. The patch is already available, and should be included in future releases.

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