Does Dollar General Sell Antifreeze? (All You Need To Know)

This can be a difficult task, especially when winter is approaching, but when winter gets cold, it is important that your battery, radiator, brake fluid, tire pressure and other fluids in your car are topped up.

Dollar General sells antifreeze. I have never actually seen a bottle of antifreeze in their stores, but it is listed in their inventory.

Does Dollar General Sell Antifreeze In 2022?

Thank you for choosing Dollar General. To keep your tires properly inflated, carry on reading.

Can You Buy Antifreeze at Dollar General?

You can buy antifreeze in a gallon jug at Dollar General. However, you can only buy it at the store.

What Brands of Antifreeze Does Dollar General Sell?

PEAK Long Life Antifreeze & Coolant is the highest performing antifreeze and coolant with the highest concentration (99.9%) of the active ingredient.

It is an approved automobile antifreeze and coolant. It is also suitable for use on light-duty trucks and motorcycles.

It does not cause any harm to your car and offers 6-year protection for your vehicle.

How Much Does Antifreeze Cost at Dollar General?

Freezer stuff is quite inexpensive at Dollar General, even for a name-brand stuff. You can expect to pay between $10 to $15 for a gallon.

You can get a better price at the Dollar General website if you buy the antifreeze as a digital coupon.

You can use Dollar General offers online and in store when you have a qualifying MasterCard, Visa or Discover card or a qualifying debit or prepaid card.

What Other Automotive Supplies Can You Buy at Dollar General?

You can save a lot of money by shopping at Dollar General. The items in their stores are usually less expensive than other places, and they’re perfect for basic automotive needs.

-Transmission fluid
-Suspension fluid

Other fluids to check include brake fluid and windshield washer fluid. If you get a message on your dash indicating that one of these fluids needs to be replaced, check the list above to see if any of the fluids listed below are low.

These are only available in your car dealership and not online at Dollar General.

You can find these auto supplies at Dollar General. These items can help you and your car remain road worthy.

What are Precautions to Take With Antifreeze?

You should not use antifreeze that is not specifically designed for your vehicle and avoid storing it in the trunk or the back of your car.

The poison is so dangerous for pets that they can’t eat it, and the taste of the poison is irresistible.

Therefore, it should be stored away from the kitchen counter and any spills should be carefully cleaned and removed.

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You can buy antifreeze at Dollar General, but you can’t order it online at

Dollar General carries Peak Long Life Antifreeze & Coolant in Prediluted and Full Strength variations. Additionally, you can purchase a bunch of other automobile supplies at Dollar General to better care for your car.

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