Does Walmart Do Coolant Flushes? [all You Need To Know]

The coolant (fluid inside your car’s radiator) needs to be regularly flushed and replaced to keep your car’s engine working properly and avoiding overheating during summers (in hot climates).

In general, Walmart auto care centers do not have coolant flushes. However, it is possible to get these services done through a mechanic.

Does Walmart Do Coolant Flushes In 2022?

Unfortunately, no coolant or radiator flushing services are provided at any of the Auto Care Centers associated with Walmart in 2022. However, other auto repair shops like Jiffy Lube, Pep Boys, and Valvoline sell coolant flushing kits and fluids that you can use to do the maintenance yourself.

In case you need some additional knowledge about the alternatives provided by Walmart for coolant flushing and the list of vehicle maintenance stores that offer this service, keep on reading!

Does Walmart Sell Coolant Flushing Kits?

Although Walmart does not currently offer coolant flushing services at any of its Auto Care Centers, it does sell a variety of coolant flush kits and fluid that you can buy and use to flush your vehicle’s radiator.

You can find coolant liquids online and in a variety of Walmart stores for as little as $3, with coolant ranging anywhere from $10 to $100, based on the quantity and brand you purchase.

How Can You Flush Your Vehicle’s Coolant Yourself?

It is suggested that you should flush your coolant (or replace the entire system), unless you were able to buy coolant flush kits.

Advance Auto Parts has done a great pictorial guide on how to flush and replace your radiator’s coolant.

– To begin the service, find your vehicle’s engine under hood and remove the air filter and the air intake.

Where Can You Get Coolant Flushing Services?

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Conclusion: Does Walmart Do Coolant Flushes?

As we can see, Walmart’s AutoCare Store network is huge and they are a popular choice for car service and repair. However, their Auto Care Centers do not provide coolant flushing services. So if you want to get your vehicle’s coolant flushed, you should visit Firestone, Jiffy Lube, Meineke, Pep Boys, and Valvoline.

If you don’t want to go about flushing the coolant yourself, you can always buy or make the coolant flush kit.

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