Does Walmart Install Tires? (all You Need To Know!)

Walmart is the largest retailer in the United States. The company has become an American institution for years now.

Most of us, when we buy a new automobile, can’t wait to have them installed. So, does Wal*Mart install tires? Check out this video to find out!

Does Walmart Install Tires In 2022?

According to Walmart, Tire & Lube Express Auto Care Centers are the ultimate combination of a tire shop with the benefits of an in-store store. Tire & Lube Express Auto Care Centers will provide a variety of maintenance and repair services to all types of vehicles and sizes, and offer 24-hour emergency service.

The good news is if you buy tires there, they will be installed at no additional charge. But, the less good news is that Walmart will charge you the same price for all tires, regardless of their size or which tire you’re buying!

How Much Does Walmart Tire Installation Cost?

Walmart charges $15 per tire installation when it is only installed at Walmart. If you bought the tires elsewhere or got them installed elsewhere, Walmart will charge you an extra $10 per tire installation.

Does Walmart Offer Tire Warranties?

If you buy four tires from Walmart, you have a warranty. However, Walmart Tire and Auto Service Centers are able to perform your warranty installation and provide you free of charge for the installation.

You could also ask them if the warranty covers tire installation. You might also want to check how the warranty relates to tire installation.

It’s important to look at the details of the warranty you’re getting. It’s also important to remember to look for details like which tires the warranty is valid for.

What Types of Tires Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart is a global company that operates hundreds of stores in more than 10 countries.

As well as car tires, Walmart sells tires for other vehicles such as commercial trucks, tractors, motorcycles, ATVs, and even lawnmowers and golf carts!

The best way to shop for tires at Walmart is to choose a brand, size, and vehicle. Then you can use filters to find the best tires for you.

What Is the Best Way to Buy Tires from Walmart?

If you plan to purchase tires, you might enjoy browsing a website that offers a range of products and services. You can order online and avoid being stuck in traffic on weekends.

You can choose from a small selection of tires, an even smaller collection of colors and a selection of sizes.

When tires have problems, it can be difficult to check them. The best way to buy tires is to have them shipped to a local store and have a store with a Tire & Lube Express Auto Care Center check them for you.

Does Walmart Actually Stock All the Tires It Sells?

Walmart stocks a vast variety of tires, but if you make an online purchase, do be aware that you may be buying tires from another vendor.

However, if you select the tire you want to buy, there may be a list of manufacturers. You should check the tire for the manufacturer’s name, size, and model.
And, you can also use the manufacturer’ name.

In choosing a tire, you can check out the price at a variety of different places, but you’re purchasing the tire from Walmart, so they have to work with a specific vendor to get it to you.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Tires From Walmart?

Walmart offers different discounts on their tires and highlights certain savings on their website. Buying tires from Walmart is often cheaper than buying them directly from the tire manufacturer.

What If I Change My Mind About My Tires?

If you want to return your tires within a month, you’ll have to call the manufacturer first or you’ll end up paying for shipping.

Not only does Walmart not accept returns for snow tires, but you are not allowed to return the tire if you have not used it after installing.

Walmart also balances tires which is great for taking advantage of and you can also read more on whether or not Walmart does coolant flushes. Also, you can read more on whether or not Walmart installs ATV and RV tires.

Conclusion: Can Walmart Install Your Tires?

Yes, Walmart offers tire installation services at stores with a Tire & Lube Express Auto Care Center. The price you’ll pay for tire installation will depend on if you bought the tires from Walmart and any additional services you add to your installation package.

To make it easy to choose, just head to the Walmart homepage and click on our tire installation section.

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