Target Gift Card Return Policy (all You Need To Know!)

Target gives its customers the chance to shop online through their mobile device and also gives them the opportunity to shop thousands of products offline at Target stores.

If you are returning a gift card, you need to contact Target customer service. The phone number is 1-800-TARGET, and you can call them even if you purchased the gift card online.

Target Gift Card Return Policy In 2022

This is a promotional offer and no contract will be formed. This is not a credit card. No fees will be charged for the first year or on the second year. After the first year, any remaining value of the card will be charged on the card anniversary date.

If you want to learn more about returning gift cards, how and when you will get the refund for a returned gift card, and what to do with an unwanted gift card; keep on reading….

Now let’s talk about how you should store your gift cards.

Can I Return A Target GiftCard?

The Target website states that you can’t return Target GiftCards or redeem them for cash or credit unless required by law, or for your protection.

However, for purchases made before 10/1/20, Target physical Gift Cards can be returned to the store if unused and a receipt is provided. Target is also adding that mobile Target Gift Cards and eGift Cards cannot be returned.

What is Target’s Return Policy For Specialty Gift Cards?

Return policy says that all gift cards are not eligible for returns.

This is what I try to get around by purchasing the gift card from the merchant (in this example I am purchasing a Target gift card), and then I purchase a gift card for the retailer that I actually want, like Subway.

This is because, although they are not cash, these cards are similar to cash in that they are like real money, and they can only be used to make purchases in a store.

Can I Return A Visa, MasterCard, or American Express Gift Card?

The return policy of a Visa or MasterCard gift card may be different from a gift card purchased on or after April 1, 2010. You can return a Visa or MasterCard gift card that was bought before April 1, 2010. However, if the gift card was

purchased on or after April 1, 2010, the returned gift card cannot be
reissued for up to 30 days after it is returned.

This means that if you purchased one of these on or after 10/1/20, your gift card cannot be returned.
You could still visit the store and use your card to make a purchase, but if you don’t use the card within the first year, the card will expire. By then, the gift card will no longer be able to be used in this location.

You won’t be able to use this gift card on the purchase of a purchase made after 10/1/20.

If you already have a gift card, you can’t turn it in for a new gift card. If you have an old gift card, you can return it to a Target store. For example, you can return to a Target store in your area.

Can I Return An Item Bought With A Target Gift Card?

If you decide to use your Target gift card to make a purchase, you can return the item as normal and receive a refund to the same card. You do not have to pay anything to return the item.

*Note: If you have multiple entries in the transaction, you will see multiple transactions showing up.

How Will I Receive A Refund If I Return A Purchase Made With A Gift Card? states that you can apply your gift card to purchases at or via the Target app to receive up to the original value of the gift card.

A card can be activated as quickly as 5 days from the date that we receive it.

What Can I Do With An Unwanted Target Gift Card?

You can use the Target Cash Register App to load Target Gift Cards and transfer them to another Target Account.

It is a great idea to save money on bills by exchanging them for gift cards so you could spend the money on something that is more useful.

Target has so many different products, so it is worth shopping around and considering any of the items available to you.

If you use your card, you could save some money and buy essentials and food using your card.

There are two ways you can pay for shipping:
1. You can add shipping as an item to your Target REDcard.
2. You can pay using your REDcard number and PIN.


Returned items will be refunded in full, excluding gift card fees, if returned to a Target store with a receipt or in some cases with a account.

A great alternative is to get a gift card to Target and use it against their credit card offer at, where you can earn points from any purchases you make.

Now that you’ve got a target, make sure to use it.

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