Where Can You Use Target Gift Cards? (full Guide)

Target makes a range of giftcards, including physical Target GiftCards, and Mobile Target GiftCards. These giftcards make great gifts for friends and family.

If you are thinking about buying a gift card for someone, you might be wondering where it can be used. Read on to find out more!

Where Can You Use Target Gift Cards In 2022?

Target GiftCards are not sold for cash or used at businesses that do not honor a Target GiftCards at time of purchase. Target GiftCards purchased in store at Walmart for online purchase on Target.com can be redeemed at Target stores.

For a gift card, the redemption process is relatively simple. For example, you can redeem the card either at a Walmart or Sam’s Club store, or at a retail location of a third party gift card provider.

What Can I Use A Target Gift Card For?

Gift cards are reusable and can be redeemed on the same day they are purchased.
Gift cards cannot be re-charged and cannot be reloaded.
Gift cards cannot be used for additional gift cards or gift card balance.
Gift cards cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
Gift cards are subject to the same redemption policies as the Target Gift Card.

Can I Use A Target Gift Card At Another Store?

Unfortunately, you cannot use a Target Online Gift Card in any other store as Target Online Gift Cards are solely for use at Target.com.

For more information, please visit http://www.target.com/giftcardterms.

If you are looking to spend your Target GiftCard at retailers such as Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Starbucks then you are unfortunately out of luck because those retailers do not accept Target GiftCard.

What Exclusions Apply?

purchases for rental cars, insurance, travel, telephone, or other
products and services from the same company as the rental car or
insurance carrier.

Can I Use A Target Gift Card Online?

If you enter a Target GiftCard number in the payment field, the order will be charged to the card and the balance of the Target GiftCard will be automatically deducted from the amount of the order.

If you want to redeem your email and mobile gift cards online, you will need to create a new account on Target.com.

Can I Cash Out A Target Gift Card?

Unfortunately, Target will not pay you to walk in and exchange your gift cards for cash. There are other places you can sell gift cards.

Also, please read our guide to Target gift card return policy, if you are planning to return gift cards.

To view the list of Target gift cards that do not require a PIN as well as our guide on checking the PIN status of Target gift cards, please visit the section for Target gift cards.
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How to check the PIN status of Target gift cards

To check the PIN status of Target gift cards, please read our guide on how to check the PIN status of Target gift cards.

How Do I Purchase A Target Gift Card?

If you’re looking for where to buy Target gift cards, you can check our full guide here, that details all the possibilities. There are many, and you can check the best for yourself.

1. Amazon.

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