Does Target Sell Amazon Gift Cards? (No, But…)

Imagine this: You’re in Target shopping for groceries, and suddenly you get the idea to buy a gift card from Target for your best friend next time they see you.

An Amazon gift card would be a great idea, since Amazon is the best site to shop online. They don’t have to worry about anything.

This leaves us wondering: Does Target sell Amazon gift certificates? Continue reading to find out.

Target sells Amazon gift cards?

Target has stopped selling Amazon gift cards in its physical and online stores. However, they do sell other gift cards, including cards for travel, shopping, and entertainment.

Customers who want to buy Amazon gift cards might have to look elsewhere.

Target Does Not Sell Amazon Gift Cards

Target considers Amazon to be a major competitor. Target does not sell Amazon gift cards to protect its customers.

Target could make it a point to prevent potential revenue from leaving its stores, since Amazon sells the same products and goods as Target. Although it may seem inconvenient, there are other options. Continue reading to learn more.

Target offers gift card alternatives

Target doesn’t sell Amazon gift card, but there are still many gift cards available for purchase!

Target gift cards are available in Target’s stores and online at Each card has a different amount of monetary value.

Target sells a variety of gift cards including physical and eGift card types.

Target Gift Cards

These are just a few of the Target gift cards that are available to purchase:

Click here to see more gift cards

Are There Other Gift Cards Available on Amazon?

You can, in fact! This is only possible with American Express or MasterCard gift cards, which can be used as prepaid cards instead of credit cards.

How to Use American Express Gift Coupons on Amazon

Here are some steps to follow when you use American Express gift cards on Amazon.

Use this link to register your gift card with American Express.

As a payment method, you can add the Amazon gift card.

You can use your gift card to purchase or you can get an Amazon gift certificate!

How to Use Mastercard Gift Coupons on Amazon

Here are some steps to follow when you use Mastercard gift cards on Amazon.

You can use your gift card to purchase or you can get an Amazon gift certificate!

Amazon Gift Cards: Can eBay Gift Certificates be Used?

An eBay gift card can not be used on Amazon. Because Amazon and eBay are two separate companies, gift cards cannot be shared between them. Therefore, Amazon gift cards cannot be shared with eBay gift cards.

Other places to buy Amazon gift cards

It can be frustrating to find out that you cannot purchase Amazon gift cards at Target for yourself or your loved ones. These are other places where you can purchase Amazon gift cards.

These are the Amazon gift card stores you should be looking at:

Click here to find out which stores sell Amazon gift cards. Amazon also offers the ability to order gift cards online.


It’s unfortunate that Target doesn’t sell Amazon gift cards due to their rival relationship. It’s not all bad news, however. Target has other gift cards that you can pick up and use.

You can also buy Amazon gift cards at other stores.

Are you aware of other Amazon gift card shops? Or have you had difficulty finding the right gift card? Please leave your comments below. Have a great time shopping!

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