What Does Out For Delivery Mean (Amazon, Ups, & More)

It can be exciting and stressful to wait for your Amazon package. It is quite common for packages to be delivered on time if you don’t pay attention to their status. However, it seems that things go wrong every time you closely track them. Amazon orders go through multiple stages, from packing to shipping to delivery. It can be confusing to navigate between these stages.

There is a difference between “shipped” and “out for delivery”. The first simply means that the order has left its source warehouse and is currently in transit. It is currently on its way to the warehouse in your jurisdiction. It will be delivered once it reaches your area. This stage is called ‘out for Delivery’.

What does “Out for Delivery” mean?

“Out for Delivery” means that your package is out of stock and on its way to the truck, which will drop it off at you home or workplace. This usually means that the package will arrive within 24 hours.

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‘Shipped’ vs. “Out for Delivery”

For the uninitiated, it can be confusing to know what is ‘out for delivery’ and what is’shipped. If Amazon displays your status as “out for delivery”, it means your package has reached the final warehouse/hub and has been loaded onto the truck for final delivery.

“Shipped” means that the package has been scanned and packed. If the package is being shipped by a third-party seller, the seller has shipped the item.

This means that the order is moving towards your city or jurisdiction.

What is Amazon’s Delivery Process?

Amazon is a well-oiled machine that handles millions of orders every day. It is unimaginable the scale at which Amazon operates. Ever wonder how this all works? Let’s take a closer look.

When you place your order via the app or website, the first step is completed. After placing your order, the nearest warehouse that has the item you ordered is notified.

Once the warehouse is notified, they will locate the item and begin packing it. Amazon will refund any amount if the packaging is incorrect.

After the item is packed, it will be scanned to update the order status on the website.

After this, the package is placed in a warehouse until a truck arrives to pick it up. Amazon cannot ship each package individually, so they must wait for a truck to arrive at your destination and pick up large quantities of orders.

The truck will pick up the item and thousands of other orders. Once all is completed and the truck arrives, the order status is updated to’shipped.

It can take up to seven days for the item to reach the warehouse nearest to you, depending on where it is located. The status is updated to “package arrived at final destination” once the order has been received.

The package is left there until the delivery truck arrives. Sometimes the order may sit for several days. Amazon must wait for certain orders to accumulate near your address before a truck can pick them up. This is called the ‘out of delivery’ status.

Prime subscribers are entitled to faster delivery. Your order will be given priority.

What is the USPS’s delivery time after being ‘out for delivery’?

After the status has been changed to “out for delivery”, it can take USPS anywhere from 2 hours to 12 hours to deliver your parcel. They might take up to two days to deliver your package in rare cases.

This is a very concerning situation as if the package has been shipped, why does it take so long for them to deliver? This could happen if your order load is high on a particular day. This happens most often during holiday season. Although the package may have been loaded onto trucks, they might not reach you in time.

Unexpected issues due to weather conditions or blocked roads can also be a reason.

What about other delivery services that take longer to deliver?

Amazon and USPS are two of the most efficient delivery systems around.

While other delivery services may be more affordable and safer, they are likely to be slower.

It’s really difficult to compete with Amazon and USPS in terms of organization and manpower.

When do Amazon orders go out for delivery?

Amazon delivery trucks usually leave the warehouse by the morning. This allows them to deliver the largest number of packages.

This is often not true. Trucks often leave warehouses in the afternoon, or even the evening, if they are on another trip that day.

When will your order not be delivered the same day?

USPS usually delivers packages by 7 p.m. However, the Amazon program allows packages to arrive at your door until 10 pm.

As of right now, this service is not available in all areas.

Why is your order status showing ‘Will be Delivered Today’ but not out for delivery?

This status may appear on your account if the order is due to be delivered today, but has not yet left the warehouse.

The package might leave earlier or be delayed for a day.

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“Out for Delivery” usually means that the package will be delivered soon. Your package is currently being loaded onto a truck and will be delivered to your home soon.

It’s very rare that you don’t get your Amazon package on the due date.

It can happen and you don’t need to panic. Knowing what your order status is will help you to deal with the problem in a more effective manner and make it less stressful.

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