Why Was My Amazon Order Undeliverable? (Everything To Know…)

It’s not uncommon to feel this way when you place an order on Amazon. But, after waiting for a few days, the order never arrives. This is what every Amazon user hates.

What does it mean when your order status says “Undeliverable” after you’ve placed it? Continue reading to learn more!

Why was my Amazon order not delivered?

Undeliverable Amazon orders can occur for many reasons. Most often, an incorrect address, damaged or lost item in transit or the package not being accepted at delivery time are the reasons for undeliverable Amazon orders.

Let’s look at the possible reasons you didn’t get your order.

Incorrect Address

Sometimes the customer makes a mistake and fills out incorrect information. It could be that the pin code or the number of your house is incorrect, which makes it more difficult for delivery to locate your house.

Some cases were reported where the customer received a gift from Amazon from their loved ones, who gave an incorrect address. Sometimes, the package may be moved to another location’s van and then returned by the delivery company.

Customers are quite familiar with the address problem. To avoid confusion, save the address and remove the old address from your Amazon account.

Package not accepted

Sometimes, the recipient refuses to accept a package.

If the parcel was to be delivered to an apartment building or office building, the courier may have tried delivery while the building was closed. It’s not uncommon for couriers to try to deliver packages in the morning without a safe location.

The delivery courier will then take the package back to the warehouse and return it. The courier will usually make multiple attempts at delivery, but if there is no one home to receive the package, it will be returned.

Transit Damage

Despite the fact that the products are packed very carefully to prevent damage, there are times when the product is damaged. Sometimes the corrugated box is damaged or broken in transit.

In such cases, the delivery company will send the order back to manufacturer. The manufacturer will contact you to notify you of the problem and send the order back. You might need to place another order.

Got Lost

Although this is rare, it can happen. You can check the status of your delivery on the app. If Amazon says you should receive your order by a certain date but they have exceeded that date, contact Amazon.

They will check the status of your parcel and notify you if it has been more than two weeks. If it has not arrived within that time, your package will be returned to you. You will be refunded if your package is still not delivered.

Address Was Illegible

Sometimes, the shipping label gets damaged or wet. These cases can lead to the shipping label becoming unreadable and the barcode unable to be scanned.

This is similar to an item being damaged during transit. The package cannot be delivered properly if there is no label on it.

Amazon says that Amazon is currently not able to deliver.

Amazon will tell you if your order is not currently available for delivery. This means they are unable to deliver to your address at the moment. Let’s find out why this happens.

No delivery partner

Amazon sometimes cannot deliver to remote locations because there is no courier partner. This is rare, especially in the US. Nearly every major city has a courier service that delivers its products to small areas.

However, if a courier partner is not available in the area, it will indicate that they are unable to deliver to that location.

Restricted Address

Amazon will not deliver to restricted addresses. This includes correctional facilities and prisons.

This will mean that you need to order the product again to a different address and have it delivered in person.

Recipient refused to accept the package

This is often the case when the gift item was unexpectedly received by the recipient.

The recipient can return the gift if they refuse to accept it or say they didn’t order it at delivery. You will receive a refund if the recipient states that they didn’t order or refuse to accept the gift.

You can tell the gift receiver that a package is being sent ahead of time if they are hesitant to accept it. You can make an excuse such as you will be away and ask them to keep the package safe.

What to do if your Amazon product is not delivered?

Amazon may have a global reach, but they sometimes cannot deliver their products. These are some things you need to remember if you want to order from Amazon.

Contact Amazon

You should first contact Amazon customer service if you place an order but it does not arrive after a few days. You should inform them about the order status, the date and other details. They will inform you of the reason your package was not delivered to you.

The manufacturer will return the package and you will receive the full amount back.

Place a new order

You can place a new or amended order if the problem was yours. You should verify all details and be present at your home when the order is being shipped.

Amazon will always text you when their courier partner will be visiting you. This allows you to contact them even if you’re not there.

Wait a few days if the issue is related to lockdown before placing another order.

You will also be refunded if your product is damaged during transit. You can place another order after this.

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Sometimes Amazon orders are not delivered. Sometimes, an item gets lost or damaged during transit or the delivery driver is unable to complete the delivery. Amazon will refund your money if your parcel is not delivered.

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