What Does Exception Mean At Ups? (all You Need To Know)

If you are ordering something online it is a good idea to look at the tracking information and call the company to see if you can expedite your package.

And even though, the tracking system may tell you to call the customer service, you’re not alone in this situation at all. All of us have, and I mean all of us, called customer service that has given you the run around, or given you wrong information. Even though, I have a great solution for this situation.

What Does Exception Mean at UPS In 2022?

“Action required” is a notification that your package has been processed/shipped/picked up. Your package has either been delivered to a different address than what you listed, or it may have been shipped to a different address. If it has been delivered to a different address, you will get a call asking for the new address. If it is still shipping, you will receive a call asking you to provide the shipping address.

If you received notification from UPS, make sure you’ve read the rest of the article to find out how you can avoid further exceptions or fix the current one.

What is a Delivery Exception at UPS?

> A delivery exception is a notification that tells the recipient that the package they ordered has been delayed.

When we were unable to deliver a package because the package was in the UPS network but we didn’t have our account information to allow a connection, it was classified as a delivery exception.

This means that the package has been delivered.

In addition to tracking information, your package will also have a special tracking label with the label number listed on the tracking label. This label can be found on the outside of the package, and it will have a tracking number on it.
You can click on this label to have the tracking number printed and placed on a sticky note.

UPS will update the delivery date if there are any problems. If there are any problems, you will get an update and also a phone call if there are any more issues.

What are the Different Types of Delivery Exceptions at UPS?

There are many different reasons delivery exceptions occur: delivery times may not be met, customs delays, federal holidays, inclement weather, damaged or missing labels, and even someone not being available to accept the package.

Whatever the reason for an exception, almost all exceptions fall into one of four different types, and each exception has different things you can do to resolve them.

If the user supplied address is invalid. For example, if the user supplied the address was not fully
completed, or if the address supplied is not within the bounds of the
country in question.

An incorrect address or damaged label is one of the most common types of delivery exceptions, and the incorrect/damaged information leads to your courier being unable to actually deliver the package.

In order to make sure that your label is placed securely and accurately, make sure to double check the location and make sure that your address and any labels that you attach are secure and easy to read.

We’ve got a lot of demand exceptions coming in right now, so we’re
trying to get the
business guys to understand there’s no point in processing
the exceptions for ENA.

Increased demand exceptions occur at the beginning of the month where companies like UPS are handling more packages than usual.

Shipping should be done with great care because if things go wrong, you could end up having to pay out the whole amount.

If the loss or physical damage exceeds $100.00, you can call on the insurance policy to pay your claim.

L&D exceptions can make a case for your client losing, but they can also make your client seem like a jerk.

Loss and damage exceptions happen when your package has been damaged while in transit, and if you aren’t careful, it can happen to you.

A courier can cost you a lot of money and it can be a stressful process, but if it does happen it’s important to be patient with them.

I pick up the item and I have to deliver it somewhere else.

Listing this as the pickup location means that they are the one shipping a package.

A delivery exception is an exception to when a package is delivered to a recipient. This includes things such as inclement weather, bad traffic conditions, or the recipient being unavailable to sign for the package.

In addition, you should be aware of delivery exceptions if you need delivery in a country that is not covered by a standard GTS route.
The following delivery exceptions exist.

What Does Exception Action Required Mean at UPS?

If you receive a notification stating that you have to complete an action for your shipment or for the shipment tracking, you should be prepared to contact UPS and ask for more details.

For example, if the address of your shipment is incorrect or the courier can’t find your shipping address, an exception will be displayed and you will need to correct that before your shipment will be processed.

UPS is suggesting that you reach out to it’s support team.

The exception log that I’ve attached includes the details you provided and links to any available resolutions.

If you have an account with UPS My Choice, and you can provide the necessary information, you can typically provide any information through your account.

You can also use the UPS website to update your delivery tracking information.

Thanks for using the UPS website and the UPS app.

How Do I Resolve a UPS Exception?

You should always keep calm if you have received an exception notification from UPS.

If the return address was incorrect or the recipient misfiled it.
The recipient has not picked it up, or the recipient has signed for it.
The recipient has not claimed it and you have not updated your account.
The recipient has not paid their delivery fee.

If your shipment is delayed, we will contact you within 2 business days after we receive your tracking number and will provide an updated status.

Well, you can stop by the UPS contact page and get some assistance by the online chat or the customer service hotline.

UPS shipping restrictions, if UPS delivers to door, if UPS updates tracking. Learn more about shipping restrictions here.


UPS keeps track of your packages even when it’s not tracking them. If there’s an issue, the company will notify you via email or text.

There are 4 different types of delivery exceptions: incorrect address or label, increased demand, pick up/delivery, and loss/damage exceptions.

If the notification says that there’s action required, it means that UPS needs to know more information to assist in resolving your order.

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