I Lost My Fedex Tracking Number (where To Find + What To Do)

In a new study, the company found that while FedEx is confident that the tracking number is always present, they rarely see it, and customers often forget to check it, the latter of which can lead to an upset and a bad first impression.

Although losing your tracking number may cause some concern, it’s not the end of the world. There are a number of ways to get a hold of it, and it’s even possible to track your package without it, so keep reading to learn on what to do when this occurs!

What Should I Do If I Lost My FedEx Tracking Number?

You should also be able to find the delivery number online in FedEx’s website, but be aware that you will need to enter the tracking number that appears on your shipping label (not necessarily the tracking number on your shipment receipt, which can be different).

In addition to their website, FedEx also has a system in place where you can track a package using your account name and account number.
If you have a tracking number, simply enter your tracking information in the “Get Tracking Info” section.
If you do not have a tracking number, then you will have to register your account name and account number (which was sent to your email address).
After registering, you will be given your tracking information.

What Is a FedEx Tracking Number?

Before we get into explanations of how to find your FedEx tracking number if it’s lost, it’s important to know what a tracking number actually is and why you need to know it.

FedEx ships items with a tracking number and a barcode that is linked to the tracking number.

A more important thing to note is that FedEx will use the same tracking number for packages that are not tracked by the system.

Items that come into the FedEx facility, or leave the facility, will be scanned and stored in the system, so that FedEx can see where each item is.

This is the information we enter inside our FedEx account when we submit a tracking number on the FedEx website.

Where Can I Find My FedEx Tracking Number?

The tracking numbers are stored in many places, but if you lose the one you need, you can get it back from the online tracking page if you’re patient enough.

If it’s the sender’s responsibility to keep track of the package, then the tracking number will be listed on the package drop-off receipt.

The service can even track packages once they leave the country. For a small fee, you can check the status of your package abroad at Trackimo.

There’s also the option of purchasing your package with [Original]. It’s similar to buying a book at a bookstore, since each purchase will include a shipping label.

You can also find your FedEx shipping label by visiting any nearby FedEx office and providing your email address or by visiting www.fedex.com and clicking on the ‘Track Your Package’ tab.

I am sure that you should have received your tracking number by email if you purchased your shipping label online.

The best way to get your tracking number is through FedEx’s Delivery Manager program.

To verify that the package is really on its way, you need to visit the status page of that particular package.

USPS can also provide you with a tracking number.

USPS can also provide you with a tracking number.

**Note:** Some packages are held by customs until the last day of the month and will not be available for tracking until that day.

If the shipper is not there, you can order a tracking information by calling or emailing the shipper.

Can I Track My FedEx Package Without a Tracking Number?

Since there are many places to find your tracking number, you may not find it.

In this case, you would have to get a FedEx number before you get a tracking number.

You could associate your package with an alternate number. For example, you could reference an existing purchase order.

You may also be able to track your packages using your door tracking number. Simply enter this number in the “Tracking ID” field on the FedEx website. Your tracking number can be found on your FedEx shipping label.

There is a box where you will type the tracking information. Follow the instructions to enter the information. When you click “Track,” the item will be located and a new page will appear with the tracking information.

If your package is lost, call the FedEx Customer Support Number at 1-800-GOFEDEX (1-800-463-3339).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact [Agent name removed for privacy reasons] at 1-800-GOFEDEX (1-800-463-3339).

There are ways to make it a bit harder for people to locate your packages by sending them to people with no idea you’re shipping a package.

Also, the package cannot be delivered at the destination address for the reason that that address is not the final destination address.

You can either send it back to the place it was shipped from, or change the destination address to the final address. You can also ask your client to wait for a couple of days at their current (temporary) address and then contact the provider.


If you lose your FedEx tracking number, you’ll be able to get it back by contacting the sender, looking in your email or on a receipt.

Even if you can’t find your package, you can still track it. It should either have a tracking number or a purchase order number or a reference number.

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