Fedex Sort Facility (what Is It + Other Common Faqs)

The FedEx system works by sorting packages in the hubs first and then sending them to smaller warehouses. The smaller warehouses sort the packages and then make deliveries until it reaches its destination.

Sort Facilities can be found in almost every major FedEx location. These sort facilities are used to house the packages that are being delivered, sorted into their appropriate delivery route, and then delivered to the nearby customer.

What Is the FedEx Sort Facility?

A FedEx sorting facility is a large FedEx warehouse where packages are checked, labeled, and arranged according to their destinations in 2022. After this occurs, packages are dispatched to their destinations. In general, it takes 3 days to go from a warehouse to a sorting facility. If you have a package that’s been in the warehouse longer than 5 days, you should contact customer service for more information.

There is a lot more to tell about FedEx sort facilities. Make sure you finish reading this article if you want to know everything you need to know!

How Long Does a Package Stay in a Sort Facility at FedEx?

Packages are at FedEx for a period of three to five days.

Since every facility ships in its own specific way, the actual amount of time it can take to ship is based on the facility’s shipping method and location.

In many cases these packages are not sorted based on weight, but rather by size and other factors. As a general rule, a home delivery package will usually spend a much longer amount of time in a sorting facility than a 2Day package.

If there are a lot of packages or the workers are few, the package will be stored for a longer period of time.

What Should I Do If My Package Is Stuck at a FedEx Sort Facility?

The packages are then scanned and the contents are sorted based on the address that the package is traveling to.

If your package arrived at the sorting facility and was not picked up for delivery yet, then it means that your package is still being processed.
If your package has already been picked up for delivery, then you will need to contact FedEx customer service to learn what the delivery status is.

You can track the status of your shipment using the FedEx website’s Delivery Status feature.

To get technical support for an UPS package, go to and click on “Technical Support” or call 1 (800) 731-8778.

FedEx will go through the tracking number you provide and try to locate the package. If it’s not there, they will provide more information about what’s happening.

In some cases, contacting customer service can always get a package back on track.

Packages are sometimes returned to the sender if we discover there was something wrong with it, like if the return address was a wrong address or the package was damaged.

In this situation, we cannot ship the item to you.

Please [action] by [action_link] if the order is eligible for return.

If you suspect that your shipping may be an issue, then you can also try to contact the shipper to see if they can provide you with more information. This could include the tracking number of the shipment, etc.

Can You Pick up a Package From a FedEx Sort Facility?

The sorting center is basically the FedEx office for packages in the sorting facilities. You may not be allowed to enter there.

If you request that your package be held for pick up in the shipping depot, a shipping representative will come to your location, pick up your package, and notify you when it is ready for delivery.

If you want your order to arrive at a FedEx facility, you can select that option when you add items to your cart. Or, if the product you ordered comes with a FedEx label, you can request FedEx delivery.

And then you might also have to pay more for the premium version of the item in question.

1) The FedEx origin facility is FedEx’s central distribution hub at the heart of the
2) FedEx local is a distribution facility near the local area of the destination
3) FedEx destination facility is FedEx’s distribution hub at the destination


Although the company has grown significantly over the past few years, FedEx sort facilities are still one of the most important locations for the company. Indeed, they’re the location where packages are processed, organized, and redistributed on the way to their final destination.

A package hold will allow you to place an order, but then delay the delivery so that it can be sent out in a timely manner. While this holds your package for an extra 48 hours, it will only result in a delay of 5 – 7 days.

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