Does Walgreens Make Keys? [answered!]

Having a duplicate set of keys can save you from getting locked into a situation where you have lock your keys in your car or house.

Knowing that Walgreens is a chain of pharmacies, it’s no surprise that it has the standard keys required to get into its stores. You may have noticed that most Walgreens stores have a large blue W on the side of the building. However, sometimes Walgreens stores are smaller, and they may have additional keys. Here is a list of the keys for Walgreens stores.

Does Walgreens Make Keys In 2022?

Unfortunately, most of Walgreens’ locations are understaffed and do not offer customers to have duplicate keys made. You can find other stores, such as Rite Aid, and Walmart where you can get keys made. Copying a simple house or garage key can cost anywhere between $1 and $6.

The nearest store you can get the keys from is at the pharmacy at the corner of your street. It costs $10 to get the keys to your home, and you must have photo ID with you when you get the keys.

Where Else Can You Make Keys?

– Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.

What Types Of Keys Can You Get Made?

You can get keys made as various key copying kiosks and services in above stores. These can be made for a variety of things like cars, houses, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Make Keys?

A simple house or office key will range from one dollar to six dollars to make or copy. The cost of making keys varies based on several factors.

If you need to make the keys yourself, make sure you visit a locksmith in your area!

The keys cost more because of its complexity and quality. If your key had a remote-controlled locking system, it will cost you a lot more than a simple key.


Unfortunately, Walgreens does not make keys at any of its stores. However, it’s not difficult to find keys at home improvement and grocery stores such as Rite Aid and Walmart. A typical key costs between $.

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