Does Target Make Keys? [all You Need To Know]

One reason is Target is a destination store with lots of high quality merchandise at low prices.

Since people often need to make one more set of keys, you may be wondering: “Does Target make keys?” Here is what I found out!

Does Target Make Keys In 2022?

It will take a bit of work to make a key from scratch, but if you have a set of tools on hand and some good materials you can make a working key for a lot less than $100. This is a fun project to do with your kids!

In order to learn more about the hardware stores that make keys, how much you will need to pay for making keys, and what store is the cheapest, keep on reading!

Does Target Sell Keys?

However, the manufacturer, Master Lock also offers a master key for customers to remove padlocks if they lose their keys.

Also, when your keys get lost, you want to be sure that you won’t have to replace them. For this reason, when you have lost your keys, you want to be sure that you make the right investment in the right accessories.

Which Hardware Stores Make Keys?

Hardware stores that print or duplicate keys can be found by searching for “key making” or “key duplication” in the appliance store directory.

Which Grocery Stores Make Keys?

Now, there are a lot of grocery stores where you can get a key cut, but there are a few stores I like best. Here are a few favorite ones.

Like most self-service key duplication systems, they do not offer much flexibility for different users.

It’s easier and cheaper than having a traditional key and key fob with codes.

Which Automotive Store Makes Keys?

If you’re looking to cut and copy a vehicle key, here are a few stores that sell key cutting services for cars, boats, and more.

If you own any brand name car that you purchased from your dealership, you can contact your dealership and ask for an accurate cut for your key.

What Is The Cheapest Place To Make Keys?

However, cutting a key for a residential lock is a good way to get your hands on a copy of a high-security key that usually costs $300-$500.

When you start to think about all the money you are wasting every year, by carrying around one or more keys, think about the amount of money and time it is probably costing you to just walk around using one or more keys.

Also note that there are some other benefits to the keyless door lock, such as preventing people from picking your door lock, and avoiding problems if you leave your door unlocked.

And at Lowe’s, you can get any kind of key that you want. That might make it a little bit more competitive on price.

CVS used to make keys. But the company stopped making keys in late 2014 to concentrate on its CVS and Walgreens locations. It was reported in 2014 that Sam’s Club stores no longer make keys either.


Target does not use its own keys but instead uses keys that are manufactured for them.

Most car keys are made by the Big Three: Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Expect to spend $11-$32 on a standard key, and $99-$180 on a chipped key.

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