Does Home Depot Make Keys? (price, Types Of Keys, Duplicates, Kiosk, + More)

If you have ever had to lock yourself out of your house or lost a set of keys, you know how important it is to always have a duplicate set of keys around at all times.

If you have a home depot close by, you may be wondering if they make a key for your home. Here is everything you need to know to make one.

Does Home Depot Make Keys In 2022?

Customers will also be able to make key blanks at the Minute Key Kiosk by being able to select the brand of key they would like to cut and the key shape they need. Customers will also be able to have a key made from scratch or if they need a key made from an existing key. The price of a key made from scratch at the Minute Key Kiosk is $.19 per key and can take under 5 minutes to complete.

To learn about the process of getting an electronic key that is NFC enabled, where you can store your information for easy access, what all costs associated with it, and more, keep on reading!

Getting Your Keys Copied At Home Depot

Home Depot’s Minute Key Kiosk is an automated self-service machine that can make copies of select keys. It also will have a touchscreen.

For the first time, it will display the key in the keychain on the screen.

Now, it will ask you to confirm your choice to continue.

The machine doesn’t actually make the key, but it tests the key to make sure it can be a copy and see if the existing blank is useable.

If your key is too worn or if the machine does not have the proper blanks the machine will refuse to make the key and your key will be returned to you.

Once the kiosk finishes duplicating your key, it will return your old key and issue a new key that duplicates it.

There’s no need to print a paper-based ticket/ticket stub or to queue for the paper tickets, however, you will need to queue to use the key.

The queue is located in the lobby of the new building.

1. Please enter the number of Minute
Key Kiosks you need.
2. [Include only the first few digits of the number if you just need a sample of the key]
3. Enter the number of Minute Key Kiosks you need.

If a Home Depot employee notices that a key-cutting machine is acting up, they will be required to perform a full calibration of the machine.

Does Home Depot Copy House And Office Keys?

Yes, you can go home and take a copy of your own key. If the original key is lost, Home Depot will happily replace it. We provide a free duplicate key, or you can purchase an entirely different replacement key – we offer this as a courtesy.

Home Depot has a large variety of locks and keys to be had in their store, including many different brands, such as Schlage, MiLock, Yale, and Kwikset.

Locksmiths are usually required for key duplication and rekeying, which is a way of getting a new key made for a key that has been lost or stolen.

If you live in a place where your home is not on a historical property registry, you will probably need to replace your locks.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Kep Copied At Home Depot?

Typically, it takes around 5 minutes to get a key copied at Home Depot, either by using the Minute Key Kiosk or the manual key cutting machine.
You can also use the key cutting machine to make your own keys for $10 to $15 each.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to make sure that your keys are out of the way before you go to check your bag.

How Much Do Key Copies Cost at Home Depot?

If you can use a key from the Keychain as a master key, the Key Kiosk costs $30.00 for 100 keys.

Hardware department is the place where you can buy all the stuff that you need to make the key or keys. A lot of people order the key blank and then they get another person to duplicate it for them.

The blank keys we sell are sold by the hundreds of thousands, and we’re proud of that fact. Our blank key boxes (keyboards, for you Americans) are available in a variety of colors, and we’re constantly developing new designs.

Does Home Depot Copy Car Keys?

While Home Depot does not program the keys of the users who have a remote fob (they can be programmed from the remote fob itself), it still has the capability of programming new keys for a customer who has lost his remote fob.

However, if you are buying a car with an older model metal key and Home Depot doesn’t have the key blanks, then you will have to buy the key blank from a manufacturer such as Zodiac, CND, KMC, etc.

However, if you have a keychain with a key in it, you don’t need a key made, you just need to have the key cut.

How Do I Get My Locks Rekeyed at Home Depot?

If you have already installed a new lock, you can key it to your old home key through a process called “keyway replacement”. This is a one-time process that will cost about $5.00 to $7.00.

If you have the locks set up as I mentioned, you can get them to make a master key from your existing locks to make it a one-step process.

Depending on the number of lock cylinders needing to be rekeyed there would be a charge of around $45.00. Call an associate at the Contractor Sales Desk for more details.

Can I Get Specialty Keys Made at Home Depot?

It is best to check with the manufacturer of the electronic lock or speak to a Home Depot Contractor Associate at the Contractor Sales Desk for information on the best procedure for duplicating the keys.

Lastly, if you are thinking of getting a mailbox at a local USPS Post Office, make sure you only have to pay the cost of a mailbox and not for the actual letterbox. The price for a standard mailbox is $4.00 and there is generally no yearly fee unless there is a special type of box such as one that stores materials or is used for delivery of packages.

In addition to on-site services, Home Depot At Home Services has many Home Depot contractors available in various fields of home repair and construction.

Can I Get a New Lock at Home Depot and Use My Existing House Keys?

If you already have Schlage, Kwikset, or other major brands of locks in your entryway, Home Depot can match your new lock purchase of the same type to use your existing keys.

There is a charge of about $5.00 each time you have an unlock.

If you have a woodworking project you want to be sure is done right, you can always ask a local hardware store for assistance. They are usually able to help you with woodworking questions, and if they are unable to help, they will direct you to someone who can.


Keys, keys, keys! If you need a new key for your car or home, or an extra key to keep at the office, stop by Home Depot. Keys are also the latest addition to the Home Depot Minute Key Kiosk, an online system that can quickly make and duplicate a key.

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