Does Dollar General Make Keys? [all You Need To Know] 

The company began the “Key For A Family” campaign to highlight its focus on the things that make a family’s home, life simpler and more fun, including the keys to a car and home. The campaign began with several different spots including a humorous spot showing children finding keys in the lawnmower and a series of spots featuring a family member getting a key for life. Also in the campaign are the new $1 dollar keys and the new key tags that provide information about where the key was found in the lawn, house, etc.

I’ve been doing some research on whether they can make you a new set of keys, here’s all you need to know!

Does Dollar General Make Keys In 2022?

Yes, some select Dollar General stores have the ability to make keys of standard home and office keys. Those keys made with the KeyMe Kiosk start from $3, whereas for a car key you would have to pay around $19.99. To see if your Dollar General offers this key-making service, you can use the KeyMe Kiosk locator.

To learn more about prices, locations, types of keys, and other places to get your keys cut, keep on reading!


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Using The KeyMe Kiosk At Dollar General

Dollar General does not make the keys, but they have a number of locations in which they provide a kiosk where people can bring in their old keys and get a new key made for free.

If your Dollar General has a KeyMe Kiosk, you can create duplicates of home and office keys, which costs around $3, and metal vehicle keys starting at $19.99.
[Paraphrase-2]: If your Dollar General has a KeyMe Kiosk, you can create duplicates of home and office keys, which costs around $3, and plastic vehicle keys starting at $39.99.

Not all KeyMe kiosks are equipped with a machine that can copy transponder key fobs, thus some customers are unable to use the service when they visit one of these kiosks with their transponder.

The delay is caused by having a 3D printer. So, you have to order the key and wait for it to be printed and shipped, which takes about a week.

Where Else Can I Get Keys Duplicated?

Home improvement stores, grocery stores, department stores, specialty stores, and discount stores can sell a wide variety of locks and keys.

The best carpet cleaners in the market can be rented at the cheapest price possible from Dollar General, and you will be able to clean the carpets inside the house and/or the apartment inside a week.

You are also eligible to send money transfers at Dollar General, which is an excellent service to have in your back pocket.


The KeyMe kiosk has a fingerprint reader that allows customers to scan their fingerprint to get a code that unlocks the kiosk. Once a code is entered, the customer can get a duplicate key for the vehicle.

The price varies. Some stores, like Walmart, charge $70. Others, including Home Depot, charge you less, about $30.

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