Does Walmart Make Car Keys? [all You Need to know] 

If you got your spare car key lost or if you lost your car key, making a copy of car key can be easier and cheaper.

Walmart is the largest retailer in the world, and not to mention they are also known for their extremely low prices. I figured that I would give you a few tips to help with all of your car key needs.

Does Walmart Make Car Keys In 2022?

Walmart now offers their customers the ability to copy car keys that have RFID chips in them, but customers must buy the Key Corder at the store. The prices start at $3.99 for copies of newer keys. Keys can be copied at the MinuteKey kiosks for free.

To learn more about what types of car keys Walmart sells, where it sells them, and more, keep on reading!

Which Walmart’s Have Car Key Making Services? 

Store employees can use the kiosk to authorize the copying and printing of a customer’s receipts for future reference.

Original: The **MinuteKey** also has a camera that can capture a store employee’s hand when it is used to sign into the Minutkey app on your phone.
Paraphrase: If you get a bar code on your receipt, you can use the Minutkey app on your phone to view and add it to your store account.

If you want to find a MinuteKey kiosk near you, you can search on the MinuteKey Kiosk locator on the company’s website.

What Kind of Car Keys Does Walmart Copy?

If you need to replace a key, you should visit The keys are fairly inexpensive to buy and replace, so you can buy a new set of keys for your car the same day.

If your car does not have RFID or transponder keys, Walmart cannot issue these keys to you. If you don’t have a key for your car, the best thing to do is buy a new car.

The reason for making the key into a security measure would be because the key must be programmed to a specific number for the make and model of the car and this key would be used to start a large number of cars to break into.

Does your key work but it could be the fob, or the buttons to unlock the car? Walmart can re-code replacement fobs but it must be done by the dealer or locksmith.

How Much Does It Cost To Copy A Car Key At Walmart?

Your car key will usually have a tag or sticker that indicates its cost. The sticker will also include the company’s website or phone number for further information about the cost of the key.

Additionally, Walmart has a new “minute key” kiosk system, which can typically duplicate car keys within five minutes.

How Can I Pay For My Car Key?

If you do not have a debit card, you can use a bank account number. This method is currently not supported and was designed for the sole purpose of testing the app.

All keys made through the MinuteKey kiosk are refundable for up to 30 days if you attempt to use the key and find it does not work. After 30 days, refunds are not available.

Are There Any Car Keys Which Can’t Be Copied? 

While the MinuteKey kiosk can only copy the metal car keys, the NITRO Key’s copy every single kind of car keys.

These machines can only copy and send to the printer any keys which are not for restricted properties such as public schools or those which are labeled “do not duplicate”.

How Do I Use The MinuteKey Kiosk?

If you are having trouble locating the MinuteKey kiosk, ask a Walmart associate for help. Once you have found the machine, press the start button to begin the key-making process.

Insert the key you want to copy into the designated slot. You can use the color picker to pick the color of your new key design.

Afterwards, there will be a short form to fill. It is mandatory to fill this form. After you provide the details you will get your password and then you can proceed.

1) To learn more, you can always call customer service or visit an authorized retailer to learn more about our key cutting services.
2) You can also learn more by visiting this store’s website.

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