Does Kroger Make Keys? (all You Need To Know)

Having extra keys can’t help but bring relief especially when you can’t find your original copies. If you are in the United States, there are plenty of places where you can make keys for yourself or others.

Kroger is a grocery store chain founded in Cincinnati, Ohio. The store offers a wide array of products like produce, dairy beverages, prepared foods, pet food, meat and other grocery items. You can find any item here including a wide variety of locksmith services.

Does Kroger Make Keys In 2022?

Kroger is a super convenient store to make keys. Kroger has an in-house kiosk where you can make keys for up to 3 hours at a time. You can also make keys on-site at checkout as long as you have the proper paper/plastic cutters.

How Long Does it Take to Make Keys at Kroger Stores?

Typically when you go to a Kroger you can get a key done within minutes. Once in store you will be able to use the KeyKiosk to duplicate house keys, office keys, standard keys, and some older metal-only automobile keys.

The most affordable key you can buy is around $3, and it can get more expensive depending on the type of key you buy.

What Type of Keys Does Kroger Make?

While you can make just about any kind of key (door keys, automobile keys, high-performance keys, etc.) at Kroger’s, most big stores do not duplicate keys that have been marked as not to be duplicated.

However, if you bought the key yourself, you can just go to the store and make another copy. If you`re not the owner of the house or the original owner of the key, the store might ask you to get authorization to duplicate the key.

Which Kroger Stores Make Keys?

Key replacement is normally not possible at every Kroger store, so it’s usually best to schedule a visit to your nearest Kroger store.

Alternative Places to Make Replacement Keys

Also, if your local Kroger store does not offer key-making services, you’re still in luck; there are several other options available. Below is a list of some alternative locations where you can get a key made fast.

Grocery Stores

Automotive Stores

Home Improvement Stores

You can know more about whether or not Walgreens makes keys by referring to the link in our post.


Kroger offers a wide variety of in-store services, including the ability to print your own keys.

Just take your own key and keep a copy of your ID and proof of vehicle ownership. Make sure you keep your keys in a safe place.

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