What Is Verizon Up? (how It Works, Points + More)

Verizon Up is a service that offers rewards to Verizon customers. It is a special program run by Verizon that allows them to share their favorite things with their customers.

Want to be eligible for the Verizon Up Program? Check out this link as well for further information on the program.

What is Verizon Up In 2022?

Verizon Up is a rewards program that will give you points for each month that you’ve paid your Verizon Wireless monthly bill in 2022. You can also earn points for purchases at Verizon Wireless stores, online, and by using certain apps and technology.

Are you wondering about Verizon Up? Do you want to know even more details about this reward program? If you so, keep on reading to learn even more!

Do You Get Charged for Verizon Up?

Verizon didn’t charge for its service, but you need to use its app, if you want to benefit from it.

Does Verizon Up Require Verizon Selects?

Verizon Up requires you to enroll in the Verizon Selects service before you can receive the discounts that are offered through the program.

Can I Opt-Out of Verizon Up?

If you don’t want to participate in the app, you can just opt out of the system and your phone number won’t be tied to the rewards program and you won’t even receive rewards for your purchases.

Verizon users on Twitter have said that when they try to cancel the service, they are presented with a list of “unsupported devices”.

In addition, Verizon reps will say that you have been unenrolled from Verizon Selects which is only a requirement to join Verizon Up and not Verizon itself since the customer’s phone is not required to be on a qualifying plan.

As soon as Verizon became a part of AT&T they decided to give the company the freedom to put whatever they wanted in the fine print of their customer contracts. If you opt out, you may have to call into a supervisor and explain to them why you want to leave the program.

What Data Does Verizon Up Collect?

information such as your mobile phone number (even if you do not register or subscribe to the service, and information about your mobile phone usage habits, and information about your home and work, including the IP address of your computer, and the data transmitted using your mobile phone.

Verizon lets you use their service for a very long period of time – three years – and gives them the right to continue collecting your information for that period of time. Also, do not forget that Verizon will continue to share your information with law enforcement.

If you choose to use a different network, you will lose your current information (like contacts, messages, phone history, etc.) but you will not lose any information from past services.


Can I use Device Dollars to Pay My Bill?

Not only can you not use your monthly device dollars to pay your monthly Verizon bill, but you cannot even use your monthly device dollars to pay the current month’s bill.

I’ve been playing and have had no issues with spending money on items that do not use the device’s currency. I think you’re confusing this with the lack of a ‘currency converter’.

All the currencies and items (except for the device’s currency) can be combined to create unique sets of items.

Device dollars can only be used to purchase items you have on your account. That means you need to use your line (not this line, though) to purchase that product before you can use device dollars to pay for it.

Does Verizon Have Something Like T-Mobile Tuesday?

You get a $10 gift card for each eligible bill that has been paid within the previous three months.
You get $10 in bill credits every time you pay an eligible bill.
However, you can only claim one reward at a time until you rack up a total of $10 in rewards.

The only thing you need to know (for now) is that you’ll be eligible to receive a $50 credit if you’re a new customer, and $100 if you’re an existing customer.

How Does Verizon Up Work?

Instead of making your life difficult, it’s better to make it easier! Verizon ups credits you for the amount of times you pay your bill. You can use these points to purchase devices, accessories, and much more!

First you’ll need to download the My Verizon app in your app store and then click the menu and select “Join the Verizon Up program” which will start your Verizon Upgrade.

You’ll be able to apply your credits to pretty much anything in the store once they’re added to your account, but most of your credits will go towards buying items with “credits” in their name.

Verizon Up will reward you monthly with bonuses for your favorite Verizon programs, which they can change each month. You can also earn exclusive rewards from the program and Super Tickets.

What you may want to do is create a spreadsheet that lists the rewards, their corresponding dates, and the amounts. That will help you know for sure what you have to spend your hard-earned points on.

Verizon Up is a rewards program which you can claim rewards from. I recommend downloading the app to your phone so you can claim rewards.

How Can I Claim Verizon Up Rewards?

Go to the “My Account” page and log in using the same email address you used to create your account.
Select the “Claim Rewards” option from the “Account Settings” section.
Scroll down to the “My Monthly Rewards” section.
Select the “Claim my reward” option from the “Claim rewards” section.
Click on the “Continue with Facebook Login” button on the next page.
Enter your account password and submit.

What is Verizon Up?

In addition, anyone who is signed up for the Verizon Up program can participate in any of the promotional events and win more things.

How Can I Claim Verizon Up Super Tickets?

Sign in to Verizon Up and enter your email address and billing information.

These tickets are first-come-first-served, so you may not win the tickets, but if you do, then you have to fill out the claim form immediately or you’ll lose the tickets.

It is important to note that once someone on your account claims a Super Ticket, then no one else on your account can claim them for 6 months.

For tickets with a high amount, you cannot re-sell it again for a period of time.

Is Verizon Up Worth It?

If you’re someone who cares about your privacy, then Verizon Up is not worth it.
And finally my friend the internet (at least a segment of it) is finally waking up to the fact that we have a problem.

The Verizon Up website didn’t offer any incentive for signing up for this service.

The one positive aspect is that you don’t have to worry about cancelling the program, since it’s almost impossible to do.

You can also go to our Verizon FIOS Help Center for questions about Verizon FIOS service and problems or issues you are experiencing with your service.


Verizon’s rewards program is a monthly credit that you get every other month for a few extra $$$.

There are also bonuses offered as well as super tickets available so you could win sporting events or concerts that you might not have been able to make it to in person.

That is why we created The Verizon Un-Scam where we provide you with all the information about Verizon Selects and the data privacy issues.

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