Verizon Protect (how It Works + Other Common Faqs)

If you own a cell phone, you might be wondering about buying Verizon Protect insurance because it covers everything from water damage to theft and fire.

I just have a simple question, I currently have Verizon protect, and I need to know if I cancel will I still have to pay for the phone/data plan I currently have?

The service is automatically billed to you on your phone bill. If Verizon Protect is cancelled, it will result in a credit being applied to your current monthly bill. Once the monthly bill is paid in full, the credit will be reversed back to the amount paid for the Protection plan.

What Is Verizon Protect In 2022?

Do you know the features that you’ll get with Verizon Protect and if you can cancel? If so, read below to find out a lot more.

What Is Verizon Protect?

Verizon protection is a device protection package that helps you manage and protect your Verizon devices. It also offers technical support and security to help you manage and protect your digital life all in one place.

Verizon Protect is offered in two different versions, the normal version for just one line, or the multi-device version which allows you to protect up to five lines at the same time.

Which Features are Offered by Verizon Protect?

– Identity theft protection.
– Alerts and messages to assist in the recovery of your device.
– Device recovery to help you if your device is stolen or lost.

Who Is Eligible for Verizon Protect?

Unfortunately, the new Protect Plan offers coverage in only 7 major cities at this time – Denver, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, and San Francisco.

the customer must reside in an eligible area;
the customer must sign up for and pay for the protect service;
the customer must have received a bill for the service from Verizon; and
Verizon Wireless must issue the protective services for that bill.

How Many Lines Does Verizon Protect Cover?

 You’ll get unlimited local and long distance (landlines only) voice and data coverage for your eligible device, and 3 to 10 lines of protection for your other devices and family members.

How Much Is Verizon Protect Per Month?

Verizon Protect is included with Verizon Unlimited, the $100 per month plan that includes voice, data, text and calling in other countries.

You can use the asurion website to figure out what tier you’re at and then use it to get the monthly cost for your device.

The Verizon Protect Multi-Device plan is $50 per month, which will allow for 3 devices to be connected to the plan.

If you need to file claims on more than 3 lines, you can simply purchase multi-device coverage, but it will cost you $11 per month for each additional line you add to Verizon Protect.

How Do You Sign up for Verizon Protect?

If you have done all of these, you can easily register for the new Verizon Protect program on the My Verizon website.

You can use the My Verizon app to sign up for Verizon Protect, which can be done by following these steps:1. Sign in to the app.2. Tap the Sign Up tab at the top of the screen.3. Tap the Create account button.4. Enter information about your address and credit card information.5. Tap the Sign Up button when you’ve finished inputting your information.

If you’re a device manager, you can add a new device to the Protect plan as long as you’ve got access to the phone, and you can add an existing mobile device to the plan by signing in to your account at

Now that you’ve added the Verizon Protect Multi-Device setting, you will no longer have to manually choose a line for the Verizon Protect Multi-Device.

What Is the Verizon Protect Deductible?

You would be responsible for paying the first $29 of their deductible. After that, they have a percentage of responsibility at 5% when you settle a claim for $29 and another 5% if you settle on a claim for over $129.

You can use the Asurion website to find specific details about your phone and how much your deductible is if you’re not sure about it.

Can I Cancel Verizon Protect at Any Time?

You can cancel Verizon Protect anytime you want. In your my Verizon account, select “Add-Ons & Apps,” and a prorated refund will occur after cancellation.

However, if you just want to change to your other data plan, you shouldn’t cancel Verizon Protect, as you’ll be losing it and making yourself ineligible to use it.

In addition, you can select a different plan from within the app. Simply tap into Settings and choose Manage Plans, then choose a different plan and tap Save.

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If you want to receive technical support when you are having problems with your device, then you should get a service that will protect your device.

As in other mobile companies, Verizon is offering its customers many more benefits with this service. We also offer other services and products, such as free in-home Wi-Fi, free device repair and protection, and more.

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