Verizon Add A Line Free Phone (how It Works + Other Common Faqs)

Are you looking for a free phone? Do you want to give a friend a free phone? The best chance to get your free phone this month is with the Verizon Adrd a line free phone deal.

If you want to know how to qualify for the Verizon free phone offer, keep reading to find out exactly what I’ve learned! You’ll find that there are some conditions that must be met if you wish to take advantage of this offer, as well as some information on the phone itself!

How Does the Verizon Add a Line Free Phone Work In 2022?

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You may wonder how the Verizon add a line free phone offer works? Well, it is a pretty simple to use it to your advantage. You just have to sign up through the website at the Verizon website, select the phone service you are interested in getting, then select the phone offer. Once you have signed up, they will send you a text message that they have sent a phone for you to activate. After you activate the phone, you will get the offer in a text message. There is no credit check, or contract commitment with this offer.

How Does the Verizon Add a Line Free Phone Work?

Verizon free phone offer gives customers the chance to purchase new smartphones with no contract, and a free line on their account.

Additionally, the offer applies to one line of the Unlimited plan, although the line could have unlimited minutes, texts or data.

And of course, the account owner could cancel the plan on a monthly basis and avoid the $0.00/month fee.

This is the best Unlimited plan to get the phone offer. You’ll still need to meet the data requirements to qualify for the free phone offer.

The Apple iPhone 11 is available for free and comes with no monthly fees.
It is also available with more data, 5G Play More and Do More Unlimited plans.

They also have a $50 activation fee to add a phone to your account, but they will charge your credit for your monthly bill which is $40 plus the activation fee.

Also when switching phone numbers you don’t have to purchase a new phone number, and can just move your number over to the new phone.

Who Is Eligible for the Verizon Add a Line Free Phone?

Anyone who has a currently active Verizon Wireless account will be able to add a new line for free on their account if they are signing up the new line for one of the new Unlimited plans.

However, you will see that most smartphones will work on either the $15.99 or $30.00 Plus Cellular plans.

If you already have an iPhone, don’t worry, your phone is eligible for an upgrade. All you need to do is upgrade your plan!

Plus, you have to buy your phone online, then switch over to the new carrier to get any discounts.

You should be able to get the free versions with your device through your wireless carrier.

How Do I Add a Line to My Verizon Plan?

If you’re signed up with Verizon, it’s incredibly simple to add a line to your Verizon plan, since all you have to do is log in to your My Verizon account through the website to begin.

When you select “Bring your own device” you can select the type of your mobile device.

If you want to cancel service through Verizon, open the My Verizon app and click on the “Cancel” button. Alternatively, you can call the 888-829-4731 hotline if you want to cancel your service.

If you own the account or are the account manager you’ll be able to add and delete lines.

How Many Lines Can You Have on Verizon?

iphone plans offer 10 lines on voice service with unlimited talk, text and data on certain phones, in addition to 1 smartphone and 1 unlimited data.

You can have up to 20 connected devices on your Verizon account and among these devices, you can have up to 10 connected to a phone.

How Much Does It Cost to Activate a Line with Verizon?

When it comes to activation fees there’s no free services. You’ll have to pay a $35 activation fee for each device that you activate and add to your account, plus the monthly line access fee, which varies depending on the plan you have.

“The free calling on your lines is billed to your monthly subscription at a discounted rate.”

It would take more than one line to see the benefit of an unlimited plan.

To illustrate the difference, you can go to the Verizon site and see what the monthly plan you have with a limited number of lines will be at each of the two cell phone providers and compare them.

If you would like to get all the information on these topics, you can also visit our articles on whether or not Verizon offers unlimited data, Verizon Message+ backup, and Verizon return policy.


Verizon’s line free service is a great offer that can take the pain out of buying a new phone. If you’re adding a line, your old phone will get transferred to your new account at no cost, and adding a line usually includes adding a qualifying Unlimited plan.

In addition, you may see a banner on top of a phone if it’s an online-only offer, but you’ll have to purchase it online.

And for that price, you’re getting a couple of decent specifications, such as a 5.99-inch 720p display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, 3GB of RAM and a 32GB of internal storage.

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