How Many Lines Can You Have On Verizon? (all You Need To Know)

You might be thinking of switching to Verizon if you want to know how many lines you can have on Verizon. However, if you want to know how much each line will cost on Verizon, you should consider going with Sprint.

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How Many Lines Can You Have On Verizon In 2022?

If you use your account for multiple lines, you can use the phone line selector on the My Verizon page to switch between lines. You can also manage your phone lines through My Verizon, and it’s easy to change numbers, change voicemail messages, and add new numbers as needed.

You have questions about Verizon, especially if you need to know how many devices you can have on one account. Well, read below and I’ve got all the answers!

How Many Lines Can You Have on Verizon Unlimited Plan?

When it comes to calling plans, Verizon gives you the option to have up to 10 phone lines on any Unlimited Plan, regardless of whether you have one of the new 5G Unlimited Plans or one of the old Unlimited Plans.

How Do I Add Another Line to My Verizon Account?

1. Log into the My Verizon app at the following link:

Is It Cheaper to Add a Line On Verizon?

You will have to pay an activation fee of $35 for each line you add to your account. Verizon bills is cheaper with 4 lines.

If you have one of the Unlimited Plans, the base rate will be the same for all 5 lines, but you can add more lines with no additional fees.

Can You Add a Phone Line Online Verizon?

Go to your My Verizon > Accounts > Add a Wireless or Phone Line > Phone Line tab.
Select Add a Phone Line.
Enter your phone number and select an account type.
Select the add a service area radio button and click Next.

Enter any additional information as needed and click Next.

How Do I Remove a Line From My Verizon Account?

The best way to remove a line from your Verizon account is to contact Verizon Customer Service, but you must be the account owner or manager to remove a line from your account.

Forgot your password?

Register For My Online Services

Login to if you are a current customer registered with Verizon Wireless.

Your Account PIN is your personal security number when creating an account. It is a combination of numbers that must be entered into the account to confirm your identity.
The line’s phone number is the number that should be used instead of the number on your SIM card.
The owner’s name is the name of the person who created the account.

You can also suspend a line which is much more convenient if there is a delay between your payment on a line and when you wish to use it and no one else needs to be disturbed by having the line in use.

To suspend the line, log in to your My Verizon account online and follow these steps:

1. In the My Verizon app, select the customer service option.
2. Select the More menu.
3. Select Manage my Verizon.
4. Select Suspend. You’re then directed to a screen where you can either choose to terminate the Line or continue the call.

Does It Cost Money To Remove a Line From Verizon?

If you remove a line from your account you will not incur any fees, but the carrier still has the right to charge you for the line.

When you go to make a Purchase, you can either pay the full amount now or at a later date or you can pay a certain amount now and have the rest added to your Purchase.

How Many Connected Devices Can You Have on Verizon?

You can have up to 20 connected devices on one Verizon account, so that’s a total of 30 devices if you have 10 smartphones and 20 connected devices.

So we have 30 connected devices total; however, we only have 10 smartphone devices.

If you want to learn more, you can find all of our news and information on Verizon’s website and learn more about the company.


There is no limit to the amount of phone lines you can have on your account. You can mix and match the amount of lines you use.

It is cheaper to have more lines on your Verizon account, especially if you have an unlimited plan, but you do not get discounts after five lines.

The other change which is more important is that you can now see your current pricing month by month. You can see the last 2 months and the current month for that account.

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