Ikea Plants (12 Things You Should Know Before & After Buying)

ikea is a worldwide supplier of everything from flatpack furniture to meatballs, and houseplants to indoor plants, they even sell artificial trees and outdoor planters.

IKEA plants are the easiest way to grow a beautiful, potted plant in your home or office. In my video I go over all the benefits of IKEA plants, what to look for before you buy, and what to do with them after they are done growing.

IKEA Plants In 2022

Plants can be useful as a part of your decor and help to improve the look and feel of your home. IKEA have been successfully growing plants in Australia for many years and have become an established brand. In addition, the ability to personalise your home by choosing the type of plants you want is a major advantage for IKEA.

In IKEA, you can find many different kinds of plants at different locations.
When you walk up to the center point where you’ll find stores, furniture, and garden areas, you’ll find a path that leads to a garden and different plants.
As you can see, each plant has its own space in a container.
You can also find several different types of plants in IKEA.
You can find flowering plants, herbs, vegetables, and even plants from the kitchen, like potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes.

Are IKEA Houseplants Good?

ikea house plants are considered to be good quality plants, especially for those just starting their plant collection.

Some of the plants can’t stay alive for more than a few days, and only look healthy on first sight.

When shopping at Ikea, choose a lightweight pot to prevent breaking. You don’t want to be the pot that broke a plant. You will probably break it when you attempt to carry it home.

These pots indicate dry soil and an unhealthy plant. A healthy plant is recommended to stay away from.

If you would like to buy flowering plants, it is best to look for buds instead of whole flowers.

Do IKEA Sell Outdoor Plants?

ikea sells outdoor plants than indoor plants that you can find at nurseries.

Although it’s not all that useful for outdoor potted plants, like the other choices, there are a number of products that have been created for outdoor use, and some will work for just about any type of plant in your backyard.

What Type Of Plants Does IKEA Sell?

IKEA have indoor and outdoor plants, and they even have some artificial plants if you don’t want to commit to real ones.

Plants for sale at IKEA are impressive, with large leaves, vines, and cacti. The variety of species is impressive, though some species may be harder to find depending upon the season.

The number of IKEA’s available in your country will vary according to your country, but there is plenty of stock available in most of the world.

When shopping at Ikea, you’ll find many houseplants, some of which are quite expensive.

Every four months they make updates and bring new items to the range and there will be a new addition in February, April, August, and October.

Does IKEA Sell Pothos?

ikea sells a hanging golden pothos plant and a potted plant all for $10. It also sells a small table for the plant and the hanging plant.

You may get different varieties of plants depending on your local suppliers and in-store stock levels.

Where Can I Find Plants In IKEA Stores?

Ikea offers plants in a variety of shapes and sizes in each store. They also offer a wide variety of containers to put the plants in. Some containers have a little space for the plant to grow, while others are designed for indoor gardening. Some are even able to be placed in a window, where they are exposed to the elements. The plants are usually kept in the store at the back of the front counter or near the checkout lines, usually by the cashiers.

Can I Return Plants To IKEA?

IKEA’s plants are live plants. You cannot return them or get a refund if an early-stage plant dies immediately after picking it up in store.

When you grow your plants from seeds, it’s best for you to find the best seeds that you can find so that you can grow the best plant.

Why Are IKEA Plants So Cheap?

Because of this, IKEA chose to create a system that would require a lot of work to put into place. They would need to set up a system that would allow plants to be shipped and would only then, can they be installed in their own stores.

In addition, since IKEA is one of the biggest retailers in the world, they are able to bulk orders, which allow them to get plants at cheaper prices.

When Is The Best Day To Buy IKEA Plants?

IKEA often restocks the majority of shelves on Mondays if the previous day was a weekend, or if there was an inbound delivery of new stock, and usually restocks the majority of shelves on Tuesdays if the previous day was a Monday.

In general, shopping in the summertime leads to higher prices and less selection, winter is the best time for bargain shopping.

Can I Buy IKEA Plants Online?

ikea live plants cannot be bought online and shipped to your home. The reason being, they need to be shipped live, but you might want to move them to a new place.

The items that you can purchase through the Click and Collect option can be found online and includes some of the items such as a water bottle, a scarf and gloves.

IKEA allows you to check whether your desired product is in stock at your local store and view all the care instructions for it.

You can go to IKEA.com, pick out the plants, get them delivered by UPS or FedEx, and then put them in the house that you just rented.

How Often Should You Water IKEA Plants?

ikea plants come with detailed instructions on the box and that should help you to put the plant in the best soil for it.

Different plants need different amounts of water. If they are given too much water, they will die. If they are given too little water, they won’t be as healthy, and may not grow as well.

It is best to use plants that you know well, the ones you are used to.

Houseplants have different water requirements from summer to winter. They also need water when they’re dormant. You can follow some general rules when it comes to watering, but you may need to adjust accordingly if you’re on vacation or you’ve gone away for a long weekend.

How Do You Care For IKEA Indoor Plants?

ikea plants have informative labels that help you to care for your new house plant. If you lose the label, the ikea website has handy guide on how to grow indoor plants on their website.

So basically, you don’t really need to take care of your plants, but you want to make sure they get enough light.

If you love plant life, then you should remember that IKEA has a range of artificial plants that need no care whatsoever.

When Should You Re-Pot An IKEA Plant?

1. The plant has grown leaves along a stem and the leaf structure is no longer flat.
2. The plant looks like it is blooming.
3. The soil is dark brown where the roots grow.

There are two types of potting soils, which are regular soil for indoor plants and potting soil for outdoor plants.

If you want to know more about shopping at IKEA, you might also be interested in reading up on IKEA stores and IKEA delivery and IKEA delivery, IKEA store location.


ikea plants are all hardy and suitable for either indoor or outdoor environments. There are a wide variety of species available and they change through the seasons.

Making sure you have healthy plants is important, though IKEA plants are generally considered good quality.

It is best to shop on a Monday because the store will get the first picking of their new stock and you will usually find the plants on the ground floor near the checkouts.

If you are unable to care for a houseplant then you should be able to acquire an artificial houseplant from IKEA.

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