Buying Plants From Walmart (12 Things You Should Know)

If you live in an area that sees all four seasons, you can choose from a variety of plants that will help you enjoy the benefits of their color, fragrance and beauty.

Walmart has a good selection of plants because their staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

When you are going to buy plants at Walmart. It is important to note that most of the plants that you will see sold at Walmart may be available in different brands.

Buying Plants From Walmart In 2022

What Types Of Plants Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart sells live plants for both indoor and outdoor use.

The important to note part is that this list is just a general overview of Walmart’s current stock.

Availability will depend on where you shop and what time of year you shop. This is just intended to give you an idea of the types of live plants you can find in Walmart stores and via their website.

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Watering your indoor plant is very important.

Indoor plants can need lots of water to grow.

And they should be changed out every 3-4 months.

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In addition to being the world’s largest retailer, Walmart also sells plants, and plant care items.

Where Does Walmart Get Its Plants From?

While this info is pretty old, a person on a message board says that some Walmart stores do source live plants from local nurseries.

Walmart is considering buying local food because it wants to make sure that their customers are eating as much as possible.

Walmart is also known as the ‘Everything Store’ and their own plants are grown in the U.S. and shipped all over the country to their stores.

If you’re in the gardening center, you can look for some local pots or packaging.

Is Walmart A Good Place To Buy Plants?

If you’re looking for low-cost, some basic types of plants for your space, Walmart is a good place to pick up a few ferns or succulents.

They have a decent variety and, even better, terrific prices. I like it!

For those who are looking to stock their green space with plants, Walmart has a great online garden center that will give you a small selection of plants at a low cost.

 The online garden center carries a lot more than what you would find at brick and mortar stores when it comes to the amount of merchandise and the depth of the inventory.

This store doesn’t really have the answers, and the employees, while friendly, have no expertise or even experience to speak of.

 Sure, it would be hard to find a dedicated gardener, but they could always hire a gardener and dedicate a specific area of the garden to flowers.

If you want to buy plants, go to the garden center where you’re more likely to find plant experts.

Does Walmart Offer A Guarantee On Their Live Plants?

The return policy on live plants also allows for returns from other countries.

Although, many customers won’t realize the plants they have at home may no longer be alive at all.

If you are bringing your credit card or Debit card, bring it with you, even if the transaction was made online.

When you make a return, you can also use cashback or store credit instead of a store gift card. You’ll receive store credit from the merchant which you can use on future purchases.

There is one exception to the one-year return rule. That is for international business returns, including items from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan.

Plant sellers in the Walmart Marketplace are being told they’d need to wait until February 2nd to take advantage of their sales.

This is for the 30 days to return period. You have to contact the seller and initiate the process.
This is not the same as the time to return for damage or defect. That is a separate process for which you don’t pay a fee. And you have 3 days from the date of purchase to return that process.

Why Do My Walmart Plants Keep Dying?

While I generally have had good luck with all of my Walmart plants, others have noticed that their Walmart plants are often bad.

When the US saw that their supplies were not sufficient, they started putting them into storage and storing them in warehouses.

A plant pathogen that causes sudden oak death has been found in plants grown in Oklahoma by Walmart.

Walmart plants, which are in some cases not even Walmart-owned, are bought and repurposed throughout the year, often multiple times over.

A Walmart employee has admitted to having to cut corners to sell things in the store at as low a price as possible.

How Much Do Plants Cost At Walmart?

Walmart does very well in selling items like the plant, but they know they can’t compete in selling the big trees.

There are a couple of great options here for plants – the first is outdoor plants. We have listed the “top 10” plants here, but you may want to consider local experts for your area, who may have other favorites.

Many bonsais are actually cheaper than what you would expect to pay for other services such as a babysitter or private tutoring, since they can often be used as an alternative to babysitters.

It is necessary to consider the whole area, whether it be a small garden or a large plot.

If you’re planning on covering large amounts of landscape area, the price will increase significantly.

Where Are Located In Walmart?

I’ve been told that most of the plants at Walmart are in the garden center so you have to go to Walmart even though the plants are in the garden center!

This is an area off to one side of the store, with huge sliding double doors that lead out into the garden center proper, a space that has kind of a greenhouse feel to it. In addition, there’s a “greenhouse” style window that leads down into the store, so that shoppers can see what’s going on inside.

It is not only useful to have something nice in front of the entrance of the store, but also something like a plant that is nice to look at.

And you know, you go to the grocery store, and you’re looking for a lot of canned and bottled and frozen foods and so forth.

There is a possibility that you will run out of something in the future, and if that happens, you might miss the opportunity to get it.

When Is The Best Time To Buy Plants From Walmart?

If you live in a place that sees all four seasons, spring and early summer are going to be the best times to get live plants.

Plants just started coming out in the garden so I began to put more effort into it. It was at this time that I started trying to figure out how to start a garden blog. I found a couple blogs that helped me to learn some more about growing plants and figuring out how to grow them. I tried to do a little research and learn some things. I also found a couple websites that told me about hydroponic gardening.

Is ‘Proplifting’ Okay At Walmart?

When it comes to store policies, it is best to ask your local store for their procedure when picking up leaves from a plant that has fallen on the ground. They may charge you for taking it home.

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Does Walmart Sell Any Rare Plants?

It used to be rare that you could find a single-handed game with more than a handful of units.

Walmart is very familiar with trees. They like to use tree saplings in their home decor, as their trees in the store look pretty damn good.
There are also some really large trees here, with some being quite large (and in public) and some being quite small, but with a lot of character.
This year, we had a lot of cherry blossoms. is an excellent tool to find hard-to-find plants, so to speak.

It just takes a little diligence in looking at what goes into the garden and you might find something that would surprise you and it’s even more surprising and at such a great price.

To find more about the best time to shop at Walmart, you can also read our related article that tells you about Walmart return policy, Walmart hours, and Walmart’s best time to shop.


Not only is Walmart a great place to find clothes and electronics, it’s also super cheap, plus they’re open round the clock.

To get the good in your life, start shopping around! We got deals on plants and they’re a lot cheaper at the big box retail stores like Walmart!

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