Does Home Depot Deliver Plants? (trees, Shrubs, Succulents, Grass, Plants + More) 

Home Depot lets DIYers pick up whatever they need to complete their projects without having to leave the store. They also sell plants, as well as garden supplies and equipment.

You might be wondering, does Home Depot deliver plants? I did some digging into the topic and here is everything that I could unearth.

Does Home Depot Deliver Plants In 2022? 

Home Depot will be delivering to all customers as of 2022. It will offer a variety of plants, including both indoor and outdoor florals, trees, grass and shrubs, succulents, and others. Delivery is free for orders over $45.

If you want a garden, this is the home improvement store to visit. The store has a large selection of plants, and they deliver, which saves on the time-consuming part of shopping and buying.

How Much Does It Cost To Deliver Plants From Home Depot? 

If your order is over $45, the delivery, handling and service costs are free of charge.

Whether you are planning for a small patio or even a large garden, you will need to invest in many large, pricey plants to really achieve your garden goals.

How Long Does It Take To Get Plants Delivered From Home Depot? 

We offer a great range of gardening equipment with the added bonus of a range of discounted accessories.

Generally speaking, a delivery date depends on the availability of a delivery vehicle in the vendor’s delivery area.

Plants are a delicate and perishable product which Home Depot works hard to get your greenery order to you as quickly as possible.

How Do You Order Plants From Home Depot For Delivery? 

If you select the shipping box in the upper left-hand corner on, you will have the option of shipping to home on the next page.

If you check this box then the filter will show all plant results including items that are only available for delivery or pickup at Home Depot stores.


When you check off the “Ship to Home” box, the order is automatically picked up by the carrier and shipped to the home address on the account.

If you choose a different shipping address, you can do so at checkout.

The “Ship to Home” box doesn’t affect prices, only shipping.

Does Home Depot Package, Ship, And Deliver Plants Well? 

All customers have reported receiving a healthy package of their purchase, and there have been no adverse health effects or damage during delivery.

And it includes a return label to be returned if the plant is unsatisfactory.

Does Home Depot Deliver Trees? 

With a variety of options like pines, cedars, maples and more, you can always choose the perfect tree to make your yard or home more attractive. We even have a guide to help guide you through the process of choosing the perfect tree for your needs!

Does Home Depot Deliver Shrubs and Bushes? 

Home Depot caters to the needs of all their customers. They carry a complete range of foliage plants and flowering shrubs, including full sun and half-shade types.

Look for large, blooming bushes like Hydrangea or Dipladenia, or edging shrubs like Ligustrum Recurvifolium Privet.

Does Home Depot Deliver Succulents? 

Get succulents delivered right to your home for less! Order succulents from Home Depot to create a unique piece of art that you will love forever!

Does Home Depot Deliver Grass? 

Home Depot has even started offering grass to its customers who buy the grass online and have it delivered to their house.

Customers can get different types of grasses like Bermuda, Zoysia, Red Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, and more.

Included in your monthly bill is a one-time purchase of fertilizers and other yard care products.

Does Home Depot Deliver Indoor Potted Plants?

They provide an incredibly wide selection of potted plants of different sizes so you can buy them to meet your needs.

The online gardening center provides an array of direct-sun and shade-loving plants, including plants that require both direct sun and shade for optimal growth.

Does Home Depot Deliver Edible Plants and Bulbs? 

There are many varieties of plants and flowers on sale from Home Depot. You can even buy a bunch of tulips.

We have a variety of sizes and ages available. We pack and ship them and they are for same-day planting, so just click and add them to your cart and continue…

Home Depot also has an array of organic gardening options, both in plants and plant care products, as well as vegetable seeds, sprouts, and herb planters.

In addition, Home Depot offers a wide selection of plant care products, including fertilizers, soil, insecticides, and pest controls.


Home Depot is an online retailer of home improvement products and services that also delivers plants to consumers.

At great prices, you can count on us for the delivery of any plant type, including indoor and outdoor blooms and shrubs, straight to your door.

Orders can be placed now at the best price available (you can always adjust the price later using the settings page), and will be shipped out as soon as possible following payment, whether ordered today or one week from now.

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