Home Depot Plant Return Policy (guarantees, Dead Plants, No Receipt + More)

The Garden Centre sells a variety of garden essentials at every Home Depot store and their goal is to provide customers with a great garden experience.

So, not every purchase goes as planned, and there isn’t an automatic return policy that you know of for Home Depot. What you may want to do is find out what the plant’s return policy is and how it works.

Home Depot Plant Return Policy In 2022

Home Depot allowed 90-days for customers to return their plants, while perennials, trees, tropical plants, and shrubs can be returned within 1-year of purchase. Home Depot also allows customers to return dead plants, provided they can show proof of purchase within the time frame.

If you purchased an item online from Home Depot.com, chances are you can return it there. If you have a receipt, you’ll be able to return the item online.
You can return any item that is damaged. Home Depot says it has a limited warranty on products purchased in stores.
You can return any item you purchased for a store price if the item was damaged when you received it.

How Long Do You Have To Return Plants At Home Depot?

Although regular plants should be returned within 90-days, Home Depot allows a year return policy for live plants.

“The plants listed above are very common and easy for both beginner and advanced learners to care for.
They are also relatively inexpensive and require less special care than the more exotic or difficult plants.
If you are a beginner, then plant a small, inexpensive, and easy to care for plant in a small container for your home.”

There are many, many plants for sale.

Perennials, trees, tropical plants, and shrubs aren’t as durable as annuals but they do last through multiple seasons.

Additional return time is being granted for plant purchases made with a Home Depot Commercial Credit Card, Commercial Revolving Card, or Commercial Account.

Can You Return Plants To Home Depot Without A Receipt?

Home Depot can view your shopping history of items you have purchased with a card or your purchases at any home improvement store.

The retailer uses a refund verification system which requires you to provide valid photo ID such as a driver license or passport.

Please consider that if you are requesting a receipt, to avoid being denied the request, regularly.

Receipts of plants purchased with one of the Home Depot credit cards (as mentioned above) are stored for 365 days. The amount can be accessed from the same user’s online account at any time after purchase.

If the return is verified and the order has not yet been shipped, you may receive a refund back to your original method of payment, including credit back to your credit card and/or a store gift card for the refund value.

Instead of buying something, you can offer the employees credit to purchase the item.

Can You Return Dead Plants To Home Depot?

Home Depot is offering $1,000 reward for plants with dead leaves, dead stems or leaves that are damaged.

We encourage you to return your plants to home depot to recover the reward they offer their customers.

And remember… if you see any dead plants or plants with dead leaves at your local home depot, [or online or through the mail], you can tell us about them by calling 1-800-GO-HOME.

You will receive a full refund in the event that you don’t even care about the original plant.

You will have a 3 day period in which to contact Home Depot’s customer service if you have damages or dead plants.

Any plants purchased with the intent of planting them in a home are covered by this policy.

Does Home Depot Offer A Plant Guarantee?

The Home Depot Grow a Garden Guarantee covers your plants and soil with this guarantee.

Bonnie plants planted by April 1st, 2019, through May 15th, 2019, are covered by the Grow a Garden Guarantee for the first year. Planting after May 15th, 2019, excludes the guarantee.

To protect your investment, contact Home Depot today at 1-800-430-8258.

When you grow Bonnie plants you get a guarantee for the harvest. You’ll be entitled to a full refund if the Bonnie plants don’t produce during its growing season.

If you are not satisfied with your plant purchase, we will reimburse you the cost back. If you return the plants within 30 days of the original purchase date, returns will be accepted free of charge. If you wish to return your plants at any other time, please contact us first so that we may offer you a fair and reasonable replacement plant without charge.

To be eligible for this return, your plant or soil (along with the corresponding invoice or store receipt) must have been purchased at the same time.

Additionally, if the refunds are issued, they are issued in the last 12 months of the purchase date.

Can You Return Christmas Trees To Home Depot?

You have two options. If you are buying a real tree, you can return it in the regular 90-day window. If you are getting an artificial tree, you have an additional 7 days from the date of purchase.

When you buy the Holiday Decor Protection Plan, you are covered if you buy a new color scheme and decor to the same room.

As with all of our products, it comes with a 5-year warranty that covers repairs, electrical and mechanical failures, and power surge protection.

As part of your maintenance program for your vehicle, your dealer may offer the following coverage for free: repair of certain problems; free loaner vehicles; free service contracts; and other assistance.

What Are The Exceptions To Home Depot’s Plant Return Policy?

Non-refundable and non-returnable means that if you return those flowers to Home Depot, you cannot get your money back.

If you don’t like the flowers you have received from an online purchase you have, you can contact customer support to process a replacement.

There is no additional fee for the shipping and handling of the plant.

How Do You Return Plants Purchased Online?

If you buy plants online, you can return them to any store in the Home Depot Network.

Returns are processed at the checkout counter or associate-led lane.

You may go on a shopping spree, but you must return your plant with your receipt or online invoice to the cashier with the more expensive product.

Other than that, make sure you have any of the original credit or debit cards to process a refund.

For your information, Home Depot does not deliver plants.
Home Depot does not repair lawn mowers.
Home Depot does not sell/offer any Husqvarna lawn mowers.

Conclusion: Home Depot Plant Return Policy

Plants can be returned within ninety days from the day of purchase. Returned plants must be in their original container, and in their original packaging. This includes plants sold in bags, pots, and tubes. Plants sold in bulk are not returnable.

Home Depot offers protection for plants that are grown on Miracle-Gro soils and Christmas trees. No returns are allowed.

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