Can You Turn Home Depot Store Credit Into Cash (your Full Guide)

When someone is thinking of buying a product from Home Depot, they go to their website and see that they can return their purchase, and receive Store Credit in exchange.

If you’ve received a store credit for a return you received at Home Depot, it is possible to turn that store credit into cash at the Home Depot cash registers.

Can You Turn Home Depot Store Credit Into Cash In 2022?

Customers cannot redeem Store Credit for cash at Home Depot as of 2022. Home Depot gives out Store Credit where customers return items without a receipt. Home Depot also restricts customers from using the Store Credit online.

To be more specific, I’ll write a few lines about how you can always turn your Store Credit into cash at Home Depot. I’ll also write a few lines about how you can always check your Store Credit balance. Finally, I’ll talk about other things that you might be confused about when it comes to your Store Credit.

Why Can’t I Exchange My Home Depot Store Credit For Cash?

The money from the Store Credit Card issued by Home Depot when an item is returned to the store is NOT transfered to your account. It will be automatically deducted from your account when the item is returned.

When an individual makes an on-line purchase, the user must present their card and photo ID. This is checked to ensure the customer is the rightful owner of the card.

If you return a product that does not qualify for Store Credit, the product will be exchanged for another product or refunded. You are responsible for shipping costs.

If you do not provide proof of purchase of an item you purchased with your Store Credit, or return an item you purchased with a Store Credit, your account could be blocked.

In cases where the customer has purchased a product from us, and that customer is dissatisfied with that product for some reason, we are not able to offer cash back or exchange the product for another one, as the product has already been delivered. The customer will be given a credit to their Google Play account. We offer this option for customers who have purchased a product from us.

If the transaction was not closed in the original form, then the transaction will not be closed in the new form and will be terminated.

If the return is not valid for repayment, the transaction will not be closed in the new form and will not be terminated.

This is the only reason why the transaction will not be closed in the new form and will not be terminated.

Note that an update is now available for the Home Depot Online Store that makes it easy to check your Store Credit balance.

Since you cannot sell your Store Credit for cash, you cannot spend your Store Credit on anything.

Can I Use My Home Depot Store Credit Online?

Only Home Depot Store credit can be used to make online purchases.

This policy was implemented by Home Depot to protect its customers from shopping illegitimate store credit online.

Can I Use My Store Credit At Any Home Depot Store?

You can apply for the Home Depot Store Credit at any Home Depot store, provided you have a valid photo ID that is linked to your credit card.

Store credit cards issued by the Department of Revenue must be purchased from a government-authorized retailer.

How Do I Check My Home Depot Store Credit Balance?

You cannot check the balance of your Home Depot store credit from inside the Home Depot site using the Home Depot credit card. You must go to the Home Depot in person to check your store credit balance.

You can get a balance statement online but you cannot check the balance of a Home Depot Store Credit Card.

Previously customers could find out their Store Credit balance, but now the way to find out your Store Credit balance requires you to use a computer.

Can I Use Home Depot Store Credit To Buy Gift Cards?

Home Depot is the exclusive distributor of Home Depot Store Credit and a Home Depot Gift Card.

Instead of getting a physical gift, you can even buy a gift card online – at Home Depot.

You can use a Home Depot Credit Card for the purchase, but not for the purchase of a gift card.

If the card is purchased through Home Depot’s eGift card system, then Home Depot has the right to cancel it if it’s stolen.

So as to prevent any further loss of funds by those trying to buy Home Depot Gift Cards using credit card, a new policy has been implemented.

How Do I Turn My Home Depot Gift Card Into Cash?

If you can’t find just exactly what you want, check out our selection. We have hundreds of items for every occasion and every budget at unbeatable prices.

In the case of Home Depot gift cards, they cannot be used for store purchases. This is why most people who have them end up exchanging them for cash (and why they are sold by the hundreds).

I am writing to tell you that Home Depot has verified your payment. The verification number is: 1560474935.

There may be a credit card billing problem on the account. If you have a problem, contact your credit card company right away.

Or if you do not have a problem, please call Home Depot Customer Service at 1-800-430-3373.

Sincerely, Home Depot.


The credit line on your account is limited to how much you spend there annually. In other words, if you are a good shopper, your credit line might be increased as part of a loyalty program.

Home Depot allows you to use gift cards in any of its locations, provided you bring a valid photo ID with you. To check the gift card balance, you must go into the store as this can no longer be done online.

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