Can You Get Cash Back From A Walmart Gift Card? (Full Guide + Secret Hack)

Walmart is the best to buy Walmart gift cards. They are extremely useful and you can get a lot of different products for them. If you want to exchange them for other things, you can do it in just a couple of minutes.

Walmart does offer cash back on a couple of their gift cards: Walmart, Target, and Home Depot. But, if you’re looking for a store specific gift card, like a Target or Home Depot card for Target or a Walmart gift card for Walmart, that would be a no. The cash back is typically only 0.5% and can be applied to a minimum of $10.00 and can only be applied to a Walmart gift card which you already own.

Can You Get Cash Back From a Walmart Gift Card In 2022? 

Although Walmart does not give cash back on Walmart gift card balances as of 2022, some states such as California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington allow customers to receive the remaining balance (up to $10) in cash.

Do you shop at Walmart or do you want to know more about getting cash back at Walmart, plus a secret hack? Well, keep on reading.

Secret Hack For Getting Cash Back On a Walmart Gift Card

Even though there is no official way to receive cashback from a Walmart Gift Card, the below hack seems to work really well.

You will need to purchase the item that is slightly more expensive than the Walmart Gift Card. Then, pay for the difference with cash or card.

Walmart will give you a $50 Walmart Gift Card back, then you need to pay $5 for shipping and tax.

After you pay (you can always pay the sales tax by getting the receipt and calling your local tax hotline) you will get a receipt with your ID number on it to show the sales clerk. That receipt is your proof to your government that you pay the sales tax. You can keep the receipt, as this will then count as a cash purchase.

The item is shipped in original condition and is returned within 14 days with the receipt.

After the final step, you’ll recieve a refund. You can have this taken out on your debit card or in cash.

Other Ways To Get Cashback from a Walmart Gift Card

Check with your local Walmart if your state requires them to provide cash refunds for gift cards or return your gift card for a refund.

You may need to ask a store manager if the employee is unaware of your specific rule on gift card returns.

Some countries have limitations on how much cash you can get back from a gift card. For example, in California, you can only get back $10.

You need to ask the cash back store about their rules about returns. It will affect their reputation.

Can I Sell My Walmart Gift Card for Cash? 

If you can, consider giving a cash donation to a charity that works in your community. To make sure your donation will be spent well, check that your charity is legitimate through Charity Navigator or CharityWatch.

Walmart also offers a buyback program where people can in exchange or gift cards, which can then be used with other stores, such as Best Buy, Target, and Target Express.

There are several places to buy Walmart gift cards besides Walmart. You can check out for an extensive selection of where to buy Walmart gift cards.


You may not get the full amount of your Walmart cash back when you sell or transfer your card on an exchange site, so you can only transfer Walmart Gift Cards between friends. You can find more info here.

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