Does Walmart Buy Gift Cards? [all You Need to know] 

This is how an idea of this podcast was born. Each person will tell a story about a time they received gift cards and did something with it instead of using it, and how they felt about the experience. So far all the stories have been told by women.

Walmart is looking to solve a problem that many of us face when exchanging our gift cards. Walmart’s gift card exchange program offers users the ability to turn in old gift cards to Walmart for cash and then use that cash to purchase goods at Walmart.

Does Walmart Buy Gift Cards In 2022?

I was able to successfully complete the program, and was able to sell the cards online for over $400 in less than two months. The program itself was very easy to complete (all you needed to do was put in the gift codes and click submit) and the support team was very friendly and helpful.

If you want to learn more about whether or not you can exchange your gift card in another way, its potential value, plus more, keep on reading!

How Much Will Walmart Pay Me For My Gift Cards?

 The gift cards are usually only worth about 20% of their face value, but there are always exceptions, especially when it comes to electronics.

The value for certain gift cards will change daily, but generally, you will receive about 70-80% of their original value if you choose the cash option.

If you exchange a non-Walmart gift card for another gift card, the new gift card is also not a Walmart gift card.

When you receive Walmart gift cards, again, the rate varies but you will not be able to keep as much of your money as in the case of exchanging for cash.

What Type Of Gift Cards Are Available On CardCash?

If you want to trade the gift card you found, you can trade right here on the website. On the right-hand side, you just click on “Trade for a Gift Card” and your gift card will be listed.

I checked the options list on their site and they seem to have cards for almost anything. Some of them even have a special holiday card.

You can’t buy gift cards on CardCash, but you can redeem them for cash and then use the cash you received for a gift card from another store or restaurant. This is a very popular option because you get to buy a gift card for someone else, and you don’t have to worry about selling the gift card.

How Does The Buy Back Process Work?

You can now go to the card cash website and input the details of the gift card that you wish to sell.

The CardCash website will then start making offers for the card. When you have been given the card’s value, you can choose a cash offer (which will be lower).

You should exchange your unwanted gift card for a digital Walmart gift card. This way you can use it in their stores.

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How Will My Gift Card Be Delivered? 

You will be able to complete the entire process online and will receive your Walmart gift card via email after your transaction is complete.

It is very easy to navigate through the page and find what you need.

Can I Use My Digital Gift Card In Person At A Walmart Store?

In addition to trade-in, you can also use a Gift Card like you would any other gift card. It can be spent anywhere a physical Walmart Gift Card can be used. The only difference is the digital Walmart Gift Card is linked directly to your account and can be used for purchases in, at any physical Walmart store, and online at

Can I Sell A Gift Card At A Walmart Store? 

No, as of this article’s writing, Walmart does not have a method to purchase gift cards online from Walmart. However, there is a method to get cash back from a Walmart Gift Card, which you can learn more about here!

If you’re wondering where to use your Walmart gift cards, you can visit our Walmart gift cards guide for a comprehensive overview.

Do I Need To Mail In The Gift Card I Am Trading In?

CardCash is a credit card processing system that makes it easy for you to sell, trade or offer your Walmart gift cards. You don’t have to worry about mailing your gift card to Walmart but instead you can sell it online, by text or by phone.

You will log in to your account, choose a digital gift card and add it to your digital shopping cart.

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