Can You Buy Gift Cards With Gift Cards At Walmart? (What To Know!)

Walmart is a multinational American retail company that helps customers save money.

The corporation owns and operates several hypermarkets, grocery shops, and discount department stores.

You might be wondering if you could buy a Visa gift card using a Walmart gift certificate if you have a Walmart giftcard.

Here’s some information about Walmart and its policies regarding gift cards.

Walmart Gift Cards: Can you buy gift cards with gift cards?

Walmart doesn’t offer customers the opportunity to purchase Visa Gift Cards using a Walmart Gift Card. This is unfortunate as it could cause inconveniences for Walmart loyal customers.

Walmart’s payment policy states that existing gift cards cannot be used to purchase new ones.

Walmart accepts only cash, credit and debit cards in-store.

Is it possible to buy a gift card with a Walmart gift card online?

You can purchase a Walmart gift certificate online. You can purchase Visa gift cards online at Walmart, for example.

Walmart offers an eGift Card that lets you purchase travel, gaming, gift cards and restaurants at

Other than Walmart, where can I use a Walmart gift card?

It’s possible to wonder where you can use your Walmart gift card or what products you can purchase. If you are a resident of the United States, Puerto Rico or any other Walmart location, your Walmart Card can be used at Sam’s Club.

You can also use your gift card at and to make online purchases. To pay for groceries ordered online, you can also use your Walmart gift card.

Continue reading to find out more about Walmart gift cards, including the limitations and what you can do.

Is it possible to get cash back from a Walmart gift card?

Walmart no longer offers cash back for gift card balances after 2022.

Customers may receive up to $10 in cash in certain states such as California and Montana, Maine, Massachusetts or Oregon.

Get Walmart Gift Card Buyback Program

Other non-Walmart gift card may be available that you don’t use. You can exchange them for Walmart gift cards if you have any. It is possible to get as high as 95% of the original value depending on what gift card you have.

You can buy anything at Walmart with your Walmart gift card.

Walmart Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase everything. You may have restrictions on what products you can buy in-store depending on which Walmart gift card you have.

You cannot, for example, use your Walmart Gift Card to purchase another gift card such as a Visa Gift Card. You may also not be able to buy items like tobacco, alcohol, or other non-listed products with your gift card. These are the policies you need to follow.

How do I pay with a gift card at Walmart?

As a Walmart gift card buyer or owner, the first thing you need is your number and pin. To allow the transaction to occur, you will need to enter your secret pin and the amount to be covered.

Online buyers can save up 5 Walmart gift cards. These can be used to purchase products.


Walmart gift cards can be used to pay for specific products and services. Walmart gift cards are non-expired. To purchase a new Walmart gift certificate, you cannot combine multiple Walmart gift cards.

You cannot also combine multiple Walmart gift cards into one gift certificate. Unsaved gift cards can still be used, provided you have the Walmart giftcard number and the pin.

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