Does Cvs Sell Flowers? (types, Prices, Locations + More) 

When it comes to find fresh flowers, you can sometimes find them in a pharmacy or grocery store. Some leading pharmacy stores sell a wide range of fresh flowers though.

One thing to know about CVS is that they do sell flowers. They use their pharmacists to sell them in stores and the CVS online site sells them as well.

Does CVS Sell Flowers In 2022?

CVS sells flowers year round and is the cheapest place to buy one. You can usually find a basic variety of flowers at most of the CVS stores. However, they are sometimes sold at a premium. You can also find special arrangements like bouquets and seasonal flowers.

In case you are wondering what flowers are sold at CVS, what are the best flowers for giving, and how much do flowers cost at CVS, then keep on reading!

Can You Buy Fresh Flowers At CVS?

You can always buy flowers at your nearby CVS. However, you will notice that the flowers offered at different CVS locations may vary.

Note that for the sake of getting your cards on time, you shouldn’t have a specific flower in mind.

You can find the contact information for your closest CVS store and check whether or not they are open.

What Types of Flowers Does CVS Sell?

You can buy flower bulbs in any CVS store and they last a long time, thanks to the dry-climate environment.

It is usually the case that cvs don’t stock delicate blooms like orchids because they require special care, and are therefore often sold at specialty stores.

Plants with similar care requirements to houseplants, such as ferns, orchids, and potted palms, are popular.

CVS has a variety of Easter arrangements that are filled with fresh blooms, and some of them are even decorated with Easter eggs. The store also sells a variety of Valentine’s Day arrangements that are also filled with fresh flowers.

The original says the first four photos are for flower bouquets, and the third photo is an example of a vase with a single stem (as opposed to rose-shaped vases).


This is just my interpretation of the meaning of the two-word expressions.

Finally, I like to buy flowers at CVS and let them grow for awhile before cutting to design my own arrangements.

When Can You Buy Flowers At CVS?

CVS has a wide variety of flowers available for sale year-round.

Although winter is typically cold weather, you can still find some selections of plants that are typically in bloom during the warmer months. Poinsettias and other plants that are commonly associated with the Christmas season are good examples.

In the past, CVS may have also offered Valentine’s Day flower specials, but now there are only a few special dates where they offer flowers.

Can You Buy Flowers Online At CVS?

You can use the CVS website to view the products that you wish to purchase, then you can select the items in your order.

The store gives you a chance to save time and money.
You can choose from millions of items and the delivery service Instacart will have it all ready for you as soon as your order is in.

Customers are encouraged to try out Instacart Express’ free trial to avoid delivery fee and get their flowers delivered to them.

How Much Do Flowers Cost At CVS?

At CVS you’ll typically see flowers that are about $5-15 or occasionally even less, while you might be able to find more expensive planter arrangements at a bigger chain like Target or Amazon.

Some florist locations sell dead flowers at low cost, such as roses or carnations. You can also purchase your flowers in the same place as you buy your groceries. Many people buy their groceries at the supermarket.

CVS is cheaper than you think.
CVS has more than 100 different flowers on offer.
CVS is the first place where you should shop for flowers.
Don’t wait until last minute, CVS has flowers online.

I suggest you check whether your customers are making purchases during such holiday sales and if possible adjust their prices accordingly.

You might be interested in knowing if your favorite store sells flowers, what the price is, where it can be delivered, and how to order flowers.


CVS is known as a pharmacy that sells a variety of flowers and bouquets. Their flowers are a great value, and their quality is usually good.

You can order flowers from CVS online and have them shipped right to you, from stores across the United States, but flowers in stores are in peak season from late spring through early summer.

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